What You Say and How You Say It Can Elevate Your Child’s Thinking

As a parent you have untapped power to positively influence your child’s thinking in a variety of ways. You may have heard of the Pygmalion effect. Research shows that human beings respond to what others expect from them. Parents’ expectations… Continue Reading >

Self-Care Advice To Make Sure You Can Fill Your Cup Up Without The Guilt  

As a busy mother, it’s second nature to constantly juggle all the responsibilities. We (mostly) expertly balance our professional lives, personal needs and relationships and all the little things that add to the mental load, all on top of managing… Continue Reading >

Postnatal Anxiety – Recognizing it and shifting it

Fiona Rogerson It’s like a nervous energy running through your entire body.  The often relentless, unending worry and concern about everything, anything and nothing.  It doesn’t slow down, and often feels like it’s bigger than you… taking over and leaving… Continue Reading >

Do Dads get postnatal depression?

Fiona Rogerson   Yes.  Dads do experience postnatal depression.  In fact, dads also experience prenatal anxiety and/or depression (anxiety and depression during the period of pregnancy), and postnatal anxiety (after the birth of baby).  Most of us know that depression… Continue Reading >

Finished the last page of a great book? Try these ideas to expand kids’ thinking

There are lots of fun extension activities to do with our kids once the last page has been read. Here are practical, tired and tested ideas to try when expanding kids’ experiences, opinions and concepts about the books they read…. Continue Reading >

Why We Need A Mental Diet

I’m reading this amazing book called Mental Diets, by a guy called Neville Gottard.  I am a bit of a bookworm when it comes to self-growth and personal development.  Not just because it’s my chosen career but I have a… Continue Reading >

9 Tips For Styling a Fabulous Yet Functional Kids Bedroom This School Holidays

From Porter Davis World Of Style Lead Interior designer Stephanie Atanasovski A child’s bedroom is a wonderful place. It’s a place of creativity, play, safety, thinking, feeling, and imagining. Porter Davis World of Style Lead Interior Designer Stephanie Atanasovski shares… Continue Reading >