How To Keep The Christmas Magic Alive For Your Kids After Divorce

With the Christmas holidays looming, you might be wondering how to keep the Christmas magic alive for your kids after getting a divorce. While it can be a tricky time to navigate, there are some things you can do to… Continue Reading >

Bring Back the Magic of Christmas

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The World-Class Children’s Museum is Bringing their Magic to Melbourne

MoPA: MUSEUM OF PLAY AND ART IN GEELONG SECURES FEDERAL ARTS GRANT TO EXPAND Geelong Children’s Museum MoPA: Museum of Play and Art, established in January 2020, is the recipient of a $277,000 grant as part of the Federal Government Restart Investment… Continue Reading >

Entertaining kids at home

Like many other parents in 2020 I found myself suddenly at home a lot more with my kids (10 and 7) than ever before. This was a whole new level of challenge. So many hours. So little space. I had… Continue Reading >

The Magic of Childhood Haunts

Did you have a childhood haunt? A place to play, imagine, dream and adventure in on your own terms as a child. Looking back I realise I had a number of them. The dappled shade in our garden between the… Continue Reading >

The World’s Smallest Magic Wand!

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9 Tips For Styling a Fabulous Yet Functional Kids Bedroom This School Holidays

From Porter Davis World Of Style Lead Interior designer Stephanie Atanasovski A child’s bedroom is a wonderful place. It’s a place of creativity, play, safety, thinking, feeling, and imagining. Porter Davis World of Style Lead Interior Designer Stephanie Atanasovski shares… Continue Reading >

8 Top Household Tips for Busy Mums

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Celebrate the Magic of a Perfect Aussie Christmas With ALDI.

This year, ALDI Australia is celebrating the Perfect Aussie Christmas with an extensive range of premium and affordable festive delicacies. Shoppers will be spoilt for choice with everything from Gold Topped Vintage Puddings, to Lobster Tails, Luxury Fudge and Turduckens…. Continue Reading >