Nature’s Positive Impact on ADHD Symptoms

ADHD was originally described to me as a shortage of dopamine in the brain. Followed by the best thing kids with ADHD can do is ride their bikes to school. As an endurance enthusiast and late diagnosed ADHD adult, I… Continue Reading >

Is my child the bully in school?

Is my child the bully? Dealing with bullying is an unfortunate fact of life for many children, and it can be equally distressing for parents. As the latest instalment in our Real Conversations series, we will tackle how to identify… Continue Reading >

How Early Learning Centres prepare children for school

Early years education plays a pivotal role in readying children for primary school. In the first seven years of a child’s life their brain lays the foundations for how they question, communicate, and interact with the world around them. This… Continue Reading >

Engaging Children in Plastic-Free Education

Plastic Free July inspires people to be part of the solution to reducing plastic pollution. This annual event is a great opportunity to engage young children in exploring the topic and join with their community to create momentum and tackle… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Pack Extra Nutrients into Your Child’s Lunchbox

Kids spend a lot of time at school, so lunchboxes make up an important part of their overall diet and can be a great opportunity to get some extra nutrients into their day. A healthy balanced lunch not only gives… Continue Reading >

How to Encourage a Growth Mindset at School and at Home

The word “YET” can be very powerful to help our children and students to develop a growth mindset, which will help them towards achieving their goals and foster success. A growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset will help… Continue Reading >

Tips to get the kids off screens this Easter Holidays

By Melissa MacDonald creator of Zipboom Educational Toys   Many parents will agree that there is more time being dedicated to learning on screens at school, so holidays can often be challenging to try and set limits on the amount… Continue Reading >

School Attendance Woes

(School Refusal, School Can’t, School Reluctance). On the surface school attendance woes may seem like a concept that is based on a child that is worried about attending school on some level. After working with teens for the last 20… Continue Reading >

Starting the day right – setting your child up for a successful day.

Have you ever thought about how the start of the day affects your child’s day at school? How we start our day really does set us up for how the rest of our day runs, which is why starting the… Continue Reading >

How was school today?

As we send our children to school we trust learning is taking place, and it is. But how do we know? The conversations we have with our children are imperative to building partnerships between school and home, and connecting in… Continue Reading >