When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of relaxation, of brekkie in bed, of gifts and of enjoying all the best bit of my kids.

Yet, as a single mum life has shifted, and Mother’s Day, like many other things, has changed. Without a partner to pamper us or to help the kids plan the day, we take our enjoyment in others way. And you know what? For me it makes the day even better.

OK, so maybe my kitchen looks like a bombs gone off after my kids well-intended attempt at breakfast in bed. Perhaps my Mother’s Day lunch treat is a box of hot chips in the park. And so what if my most extravagant gift is yet another macaroni necklace (one can’t have enough right?). Mother’s Day is one of the happiest days of the year for me. Here is why:

It really is ‘my’ day

With only myself and my kids to take into account, the day is all about me me me. I usually take a break from the kitchen and all my household chores. I factor in a small amount of ‘me time’, which yes can be done. All kids should understand that mummy needs some me time. Then I arrange to spend the rest of the day doing something we all enjoy. Kids love it when mummy’s in relaxation mode and isn’t distracted by work, study or household chores.

There are no expectations

I no longer rely on a partner to arrange Mother’s Day. That well-meaning lunch at a fancy restaurant where I spend two hours trying to entertain the kids from the confines of a table, is not my idea of fun. The less expectations you have for the day, the more enjoyable it will be. And if you discover your kids have saved their pocket money for a surprise gift, or learnt how to operate the kettle .. well that will make the day even better.

It’s a time to reflect

Like all special days, Mother’s Day is a proverbial marker in our life. We are a year on from the last Mother’s Day. It allows us to look back at the year gone. We can consider what we have achieved and how flippin’ wonderful we are to have achieved it on our own. We can chat to our children about the past year and all the good things that have happened in it. A great way to collect your good memories throughout the year is with a memory jar .. they are so much fun.

It is a big celebration

For single mums Mother’s Day is more special than ever. For some it is about being the sole parent and provider (hats off to these ladies). For others it is about having to co-parent and bring-up our children in a way we had never envisaged.  For many it is about coming out of an emotionally or physically abusive relationship whilst caring for and nurturing our children. Yep, for single mums Mother’s Day is cause for a pat on the back .. if you can reach that is.

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