Boundaries: A Parent’s Guide to Setting Limits with Love and Confidence

Handing your child a device and attempting to have boundaries around its use, when you have never had any boundaries with your child, will end the same as using a chocolate teapot.  Limit setting and creating appropriate boundaries can be some of the most… Continue Reading >

Navigating the Rollercoaster of New Parenthood

By Julie Borninkhof, Chief Executive Officer, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA)    Becoming a parent evokes all kinds of emotions and thoughts. Many people find that pregnancy or having a baby is more challenging than they anticipated and it’s… Continue Reading >

Playgroups for Climate Action

Sally Gillespie   For many, becoming a parent can arouse powerful emotions about the future that lies ahead for their child in a rapidly heating world. Yet very often this deep concern is not what gets discussed in mother’s group… Continue Reading >

Navigating NAPLAN: From Stress to Success

Are you a parent who’s been hearing about NAPLAN and feeling a mix of curiosity, concern, and confusion? You’re not alone. As a seasoned psychologist with nearly two decades of experience working closely with families and their unique challenges, I’m… Continue Reading >

Top 5 Book Resources Every Parent Needs

Books are the ultimate life hack when it comes to parenting. However, there are so many good books out there that it gets a tad overwhelming to know which ones that are actually helpful and useful for what purpose.  Let… Continue Reading >

Going Back to School

I’m sure there really are kids out there who are excited about heading back to school after the summer holidays. But I don’t know any of them.  If your kids are back at school, or about to be, these ideas… Continue Reading >

10 boring jobs and tasks you NEED to be on top of, as a parent

As a parent, our lives are busy! We barely have enough time to fit in fun, let alone all the life admin! Unfortunately, life admin is a necessary evil, and if we don’t ensure certain boring tasks are taken care… Continue Reading >

Parents and carers urged to ensure water safety is kept front of mind following a spike in drownings across the state

With warm weather forecast for this weekend and many families planning trips for the end of the school holidays, Kidsafe Victoria has urged parents and carers to remain vigilant around all bodies of water, in a bid to reduce the… Continue Reading >

Beating the Dreaded Nanny-Xiety

None of us find it easy. In fact, most of us describe going back to work and finding THE RIGHT Nanny for our family as one of the most nerve-wracking, nail-biting and unsettling things we’ll do as a parent to… Continue Reading >

How to prevent grooming and abuse

Preventing and protecting your child from abuse is not as hard as it might seem. In fact, it’s actually quite simple. In my experience, talking with kids about their abuse as a Specialist Child Interviewer in the Police gave me… Continue Reading >