Aussie Allergy Mum is all about supporting allergy families. This month I decided to ask the mums in our Facebook group to share there best advice for other allergy families that might be recently diagnosed or currently struggling.


Below are their wise words.


Get a referral to a really good immunologist – most GPs are out of their depth with allergies in small children. Also – get really good at being the advocate for your child. Keeping them safe will be hard sometimes, especially when friends and family don’t get that “a little bit” will hurt. On the upside, you’ll develop an amazingly close relationship as you help them through each hurdle. – Claire


Find a really good support network around you. Arm yourself with knowledge and be the best advocate for your child and no matter the age of the child educate them on allergies too. – Jess


There will be times that your child has an allergic reaction where you may not have read a label correctly or at all or your child accidentally got some food they’re not supposed to have.
Don’t beat yourself up about it.

We’re all human. – Emily


Having a child with allergies doesn’t mean you have to wrap them up in cotton wool and place them in a bubble. What they eat is a small part of their life, focus on them playing, learning and growing. – Antania


Allergies are hard but knowledge is key, arm yourself with it, to make your child safe. You will find many people will disappear those people are not worth the effort or time, true friends and family will accommodate your allergy needs. – Jessica


Do not ever think it’s your fault that your child has an allergy. It might seem hard and overwhelming at first but hang in there. You will eventually get uses to it (all the label reading and so on) and it will become your normal someday. – Chisato


Breathe!!! – Allysha


Do whatever it takes to keep them safe – read labels over and over, remind people calmly and constantly, never feel like an inconvenience, leave somewhere if you have to if your child misses out on something treat them with a safe food at home. Cry when you feel like it, it’s 24/7 and it sucks but you can do it – Charlie


Teach your children as they grow, which foods they can and can’t touch, not to share food at school and how to read labels as they get older. Knowledge is safety! – Kristy


I am so thankful to the mum’s that were willing to share their insights with me, and you. Living with allergies can be isolating, debilitating, frustrating, anxiety-ridden and all-around tough. But getting support from people who get the journey is so important to turn the negatives into a positive.


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