In life, all we ever want or aim to achieve is in the pursuit of happiness and the attainment of experiencing and feeling it

After all, there isn’t anything more important than being happy, and ensuring children are too.

Have you ever thought the way we see the world around us now as adults, our inner belief system, unconscious mind and feelings are all based on what we experienced and learnt and were exposed to in our childhood? Both good and bad. Positive and negative.

That’s why is so important for us to understand what we need to do to ensure we create a solid foundation of happiness for our children. This is through the language we use, tone of voice, and the words which all form children’s inner voice and shape their mindset for life.

Makes us think really what is the internal belief system we are instilling in our children?

A child’s mindset forms their sense of belonging in the world, it’s their internal compass in which they steer the direction of their life’s events and the quality of their experiences of them.

So even if you didn’t have positive experiences of this in your childhood, there are ways you can help provide this for your little ones, which is what we’re here to discuss today with our special guest Charlotte Ziff

Charlotte Ziff is the founder of Sunchild Affirmation Cards. A Wellness and holistic brand focusing on constructive thoughts that encourage positive thinking and boost self-esteem in children. She is also a trained Steiner educator and has worked as a nanny her whole life.

We ask Charlotte questions including:

  1. Why do you think it’s so important to help children create a positive internal belief system?
  2. Why do you think affirmations are so important for a healthy body and mind at any stage of life?
  3. Do you think that positive affirmations require regular practice if we want to make lasting, long-term changes to the ways that children think and feel?
  4. How often do you think parents should speak affirmations to their children to help make a change? and from what age?
  5. What are your top 3 affirmation suggestions parents can say to their child every morning/night during the early stages of growth?
  6. Tell us about the deck of cards SunChild sells and how parents should use them best?
  7. How do the cards help children grow confidently with a strong sense of self?
  8. I understand you faced multiple challenges throughout your youth which resulted in the inspiration behind your brand SunChild. What was your inspiration for creating these cards?
  9. SunChild is very passionate about helping children who are experiencing grief? How do your cards support children going through grief?
  10. We understand you are a Steiner trained teacher – can you tell us a bit about that and did you incorporate some of those learning principles/ philosophies into the brand

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Charlotte Ziff is the founder of SunChild Affirmation Cards. Each deck of cards come with 27 Positive Affirmations to nurture children of all ages. To learn more head-to-head to:

Each deck of SunChild cards include 27 positive affirmation statements created in Australia using recycled paper. 5% of all profit is donated to ‘Feel the Magic’ charity; supporting children suffering from grief, offering bereavement education and support. The cards retail for $34.95 and can be purchased online at


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