Our Emotions are the fuel to our thoughts and actions. How we feel helps form the lens through which we see the world around us and gives credence to our individual points of view.

If our emotions have us in a happy mood, even on a cloudy day we are going to feel positive and cheerful. On the flip side, if our emotions have us feeling pessimistic, we are more likely to see the world around us unfavourably and a little gloomy.

So, how can we help children best identify what they are feeling and what it means? How can we help educate them to set them up for a life of success, well lucky for us our special guest is here to help give us expert information and advice.

Today we welcome our special guest Rachel Tomlinson, a Registered Psychologist, mother, parenting expert and author of two internationally published books. Rachel is a sought-after expert for print and broadcast media on topics such as parenting, child development and relationships.

We ask Rachel questions including:

  1. What have you learnt most from those experiences when it comes to the importance of emotional intelligence, especially when it comes to parenting young children?
  2.  Why is it important that parents find ways to optimise children’s abilities to express their feelings, and explore and resolve troubling thoughts?
  3.  Do you have any tips on how parents can encourage and inspire kindness and compassion in children?
  4. It is common that parents will do everything in their power to protect their children from being upset, distressed or discomfort. Are there any consequences to protecting children from experiencing adversity?
  5. When should parents try to fix issues for their children how could it result in children losing confidence?
  6. Why is it important not to rush and fix our kids’ feelings?
  7. Why is it important to validate children’s feelings? If ignored, can this lead to developing some unhealthy habits? If so, how?
  8. Why is emotional regulation important?
  9. What can parents do to support their kids to manage big feelings?

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Rachel is a Registered Psychologist, mother, parenting expert and author of two internationally published books, “Teaching Kids to be Kind” (Skyhorse) a parenting book focusing on how to encourage kindness and compassion in children and “A Blue Kind of Day” (Penguin) a picture book about the sensory experiences of depression in children.



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