Article attributed to Charlotte Ziff, Founder of children’s wellness and holistic brand, SunChild


As every parent knows, there is no textbook formula that results in instant parenting success! The language used around children plays a major role in influencing how children view the world.

Charlotte Ziff, Founder of SunChild, believes positive affirmation is the key to influencing children to lead a more positive lifestyle. Charlotte commented on her inspiration for starting her brand SunChild stating, “My brand, SunChild developed because when I was a young adult, I wanted to buy a child whom I looked after a deck of kid’s affirmation cards. But all on the market place options were either very girly, not very visually appealing or just too ‘woo woo.’ So then I decided to create a universal product that could speak to everyone having no age and no gender and no religion. Something that a child or even an adult could connect to no matter their background. The cards have no bias, no preconceived judgement or labels. They serve to uplift and inspire children to be the best versions of themselves and to know magic exists in the world.”

Here, the Founder and brainchild of SunChild shares her top 6 affirmation suggestions to say to your child every morning/night during their early stages of growth.

  1. I am Positive- Today I know whatever clouds come my way my bright light will shine them away: To have a positive outlook is the key to overcoming any situations in life. Building a positive mind from the start gives little ones the tools to feel happy, secure and never a victim in the world to keep striving for the most out of this lifetime.
  2. I am Grateful- Today I will say thank you to the sun that beams it’s shining light on me and thank you to the earth that grounds my bare feet letting them run wild and free: If we want to be happy in this lifetime the greatest way is to be grateful for what we have. The younger we learn this lesson the better! We live in a world where we believe we are constantly seeking more rather than being content with where we are.
  3. I am Brave- Today I will stand tall and strong like a courageous mountain so that no pebbles can knock me down: We can’t always be there to protect our little ones from everything, there will be times when they fall down and no one but themselves will be able to pick them back up. This is such an important affirmation for teaching resilience and inner strength.
  4. I am Smart- Today I plant curious seeds into the garden of my mind so that thoughtful flowers can grow and magical creations can bloom: There are so many different ways in this world to be smart and many children can dumb themselves down as they may not be the ‘smartest’ kid in class. Children must know that their own authentic way of being intelligent in this world is cherished as to think otherwise is an injustice of what we are capable of.
  5. I am Perfect as I am- Today it is okay for me to feel sad, angry or frustrated. Tears are only water and flowers cannot grow without water: This may be one of the most important affirmation in the SunChild deck as children need to know all their feelings are valid, okay and not to be suppressed. We are all humans with emotions, especially children, who we need to meet for where they are in each given moment.
  6. I am Beautiful- Today I will bloom for the world to see the beauty of the true flower that grows inside of me: So many of us put ourselves down due to physical appearance and society construct of what makes a person beautiful. The sooner we have the knowing that we are beautiful and that beauty is always there especially within the better.

Charlotte has been in the affirmation card business for quite some time and shared one

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Charlotte Ziff is the Founder of SunChild positive affirmation cards created in Bondi. Charlotte is Sydney based and utilises an all-female team to help create her magic.

SunChild affirmation cards are for children to support kid’s light at every stage of growth. The cards truly have been consciously created every step of the way using only recycled paper and love, whilst donating 5% of profits to ‘Feel the Magic’ in loving memory of SunChild’s angel Mummy Kay. SunChild makes it possible to keep your light shining.

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