It is almost that time of the year again when the whole house needs thorough freshening up. Spending hours scrubbing and washing, though, certainly isn’t the most pleasant way to spend your free time. Spring cleaning is without a doubt a tough and time-consuming job which, however, has its benefits that makes it all worth it. Knowing what they are could serve as great motivation when struggling to get yourself organised and start the entire process.




Benefits of Spring Cleaning

  • Helps you stay active and reduces stress levels;
  • Gives you a chance to disinfect areas that you usually miss;
  • The deep cleaning allows extraction of pollution that is hard to reach;
  • Prolongs the life of certain items like carpets, upholstered furniture and others;
  • Provides a safer domestic environment for your family;
  • Lowers the risk of getting sick or developing annoying allergies…


All this certainly sounds important enough to put the spring cleaning on your to-do list. But how to squeeze such an enormous job into your busy schedule? Well, knowing a trick or two will certainly help.


Use your time wisely

The truth is that such an extensive cleaning can only be tackled with good organisation. Factors like the size and current state of the property also play a role. Nevertheless, you know your home best and making a plan shouldn’t be hard at all. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Start with the jobs that require most work and dedicate as much time as needed;
  • Focus your efforts on mostly used areas like the bathroom, kitchen and living room;
  • When time is limited, break down the big cleaning tasks and do them one by one for a period of several days;
  • Prepare a cleaning kit in advance, so you don’t have to lose time in preparations before every cleaning.



Consider a de-cluttering

Just imagine how much easier it would be to clean your house with less things around. Especially things that you’ve been meaning to remove for years. The benefits of decluttering are many, including having more free space, enjoying a clean and organised home and more. The leading one for now, though, certainly is the shortening of the spring cleaning task list.


Embrace an eco cleaning strategy

There are still many people who underestimate the effectiveness of natural cleaning and prefer to stick to the well-known products from the store. There is nothing wrong with that, however, being exposed constantly to chemical smell and residue could lead to some health problems This is especially dangerous for kids and pets, as they are way more sensitive.

If you’ve been wondering about switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning alternatives, now it might be just the right time. There are many options for which you will need ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, fruits, essential oils, dishwashing liquid and the likes.


Vinegar and dishwashing liquid – window cleaning helper

Having sparkling clean windows doesn’t require expensive products. A simple mix of vinegar and water (equal parts), plus a few drops of dishwashing liquid, will be more than enough. Being an acid, the vinegar will dissolve any stubborn stains. As for the dishwashing liquid, it will not only eliminate dirt but also help with the strong vinegar scent. Drying the glass with a crumbled newspaper will save you additional washing of rags and will give great results.


Toothpaste can whiten more than your teeth

There’s always just a little more toothpaste to be squeezed out the tube but it seems easier to just get a new one. In case you keep a lot of almost empty tubes, you can cut them and use the remaining content for your spring cleaning. In fact, it is perfect for cleaning silverware, jewellery, faucets, shower and even grout. All you need is a toothbrush and a little whitening paste. Now you are ready to do some serious scrubbing!


Germ-killing solution that cleans everything

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose cleaners? They save time and are suitable for any type of surface. That’s why making your own with equal parts of white vinegar and water, combined with several drops of tea tree oil, will make the spring cleaning even easier. The reason you need precisely tea tree oil is in its multiple beneficial uses, including germ killing. The special cleaner is perfect for thorough disinfection of any space. If you are having doubts about the wooden table or the floor, just apply part of it on a small area first.



Treat all stains with a homemade enzyme cleaner

This particular type of cleaner’s popularity is growing more and more and there is a reason. First of all, it is considered to be eco-friendly. Second, it is very effective when it comes to stubborn stains from urine, vomit and the like. It manages to penetrate in depth and break down the stain’s structure, no matter how old it is. As a bonus, it takes care of nasty smells, too. Such products are easily found in stores or you can just try a homemade enzymatic cleaner.

Spring is the perfect time to free your home from all germs, unnecessary things, grime and negativity. This is the season that marks a new beginning for all around us and what better way to embrace the change by starting with a clean slate.


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