Tutors Field

Tutors Field

Homeschooling can be very rewarding in which you can teach children and teens one on one. You get to actually focus on that child or teen and help them. Sometimes you may have a few children to home school and have to help out a few of them but it is easier than having quite a few children to help.

You get to spend more time with children and you can even add on extra activities with the school curriculum. I found homeschooling my son to be quite challenging at times but I also developed a better relationship with him and could see where he was struggling with the school curriculum, where he needed help the most.

 Here are my tips and tricks on homeschooling:

  • Routine is very important. Get children and teens to wake up normally, get ready for the day and then start the homeschooling and then pack up for the day. Spend the morning on a few areas of development according to the curriculum and then let them have a lunch break. Breaks are very important as it helps children and teens not to get too tired from the school work and helps with better concentration. After lunch, spend the afternoon on a few other areas of development. Just go with the flow of the child and the teen. It’s exactly like a normal school day but at home. Different children have different concentration spans so some children will get more work done than others.
  • Being engaging is also very important. I noticed with my own child that motivation can be a key issue and boredom can set in. After each developmental area being taught having a fun activity in between each curriculum area engages interest and they are less likely to get bored. Also using positive praise to encourage them that they are doing a great job. Avoid being negative no matter how challenging it can be as it’s very important to stay positive. You can also be flexible and giving them some personal time and doing more work later.
  • Encourage independence. It’s very important to let teens and children do as much work as they can by themselves to encourage independence. They need to learn to do the work themselves so only help them if the assistance is really needed. It’s a very important life skill to learn.


  • Get the child or teen to make up their own learning space. They can make a space that they feel comfortable with. Get them to add their own things. They will need a computer and/or books, textbooks, stationary. Get them to add their own personal touch. It’s an area where they have to feel happy and feel comfortable with.


So there you have it. These are my tips and tricks on homeschooling. You will be a pro home schooler in no time! Be firm but also be flexible. You could even add some excursions into homeschooling that are related to what they are learning.


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