No two paths to single parenthood are alike. Nobody can pretend to know the journey of another, however, if we pay attention we can learn from their lessons along the way.

Single-parent families are now the fastest-growing family type in Australia. In the last census, 15.8% of all families living in Australia were one parent families. Of that, 18.2% of single parents were male and 81.8% were female. 

Kiddipedia’s mission is to help build a bigger, better Australia. In doing so, we want to continue supporting single parents. 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Wilhelmina Ford, a single mother with two toddlers. In her first year of solo parenting, Wilhelmina made headlines throughout Australia upon release of Share Abode: a FREE Australian wide platform that connects single parents wanting to share the load of rental and living expenses.

Wilhelmina is not only an example to her children but a mentor to other single parents as she devotes her life to educating others ‘How To Become Unmesswithable’. Her goal is to educate, empower and facilitate single parents to be the best they can be. She does this by aligning their thoughts with their dreams so they re-invent, re-define and re-imagine their journey of single parenting. 

Interestingly, she believes the strength of parents emotional, mental and physical state affects their children and helps them by promoting methods to transition from a challenging life to an empowering one. 


Can you share with us some of your journey and achievements since you became a single parent? 

My journey of single parenting, in the beginning, was a blur of a physical, emotional and logistical fog.  Today as I write this, the 16 July actually marks 15 months of being a single mum and when I think of 15 months it seems such a short journey, but the volume of things which have changed in my life and my children makes it feel like I have been a single mum for so much longer, and in a wonderful way I say that.

I have gone from renting a house without knowing my neighbours to owning a small home in a secure complex with amazing neighbours. I have one from no business to two businesses (one being not for profit and one for profit) and I have released 12kgs and counting.  My children have flourished.  My son has gone from a shy boy with nightmares and withdrawn to no nightmares, sleeping all the night through, without milk, without a dummy and full of zest, confidence and even a smarty pants!  My daughter is the cheekiest, most confident, daredevil, rough and tumble little miss I have ever met.  Both of them are full of sass and confidence and my eldest can now rattle off Serenity by A Man Thinketh without even flinching (this is a mindset, relation chapter in a book!)

My journey is a constant movement between solo mum to solo-preneur and I can’t wait to see what will happen in another 16 months from now if the last 16 months was anything to go by, I say hold on tight, this going to be an educational, empowerment and crazy ride.


You have an incredibly positive outlook on life, what are some of your key messages you have for single parents who may need some encouragement and motivation?

You are the common denominator of every result, relationship and occurrence in your life and your kids will mimic your behaviours, thoughts and reactions.  Someone once told me: You might not believe that you can be great because of past experience, but I know you can be great.  And I say the same to you.  Even if you don’t believe in you, I believe in you and know you are only one thought away from being all you can be.


What is Share Abode and how does it work? 

ShareAbode is an online platform that connects single parents with one another wanting to share the load by co-living.  They can split rent and expenses making financial obligations less stressful and they can live in a better home on the same budget or same more by spending less.  

With this co-living, it also brings an important connection, support and friendship to single parents which are often isolated and lonely and this can help with fatigue, depression an anxiety.  

Kids can have “unofficial” siblings and live in a blended household with love and mutual respect and can turn their lives around significantly with another parent other than their own to depend upon and those their age.

You sign up, create a profile listing and searcher other single parents demographically and see if you like the sound of them.  If so, connect with them and arrange to meet them and if there is a connection for friendship and the children “get along, as kids get along” then you can search for places to rent together.  There is the option of finding single parents on their with homes already and this is also a searchable field.

ShareAbode brings to the platform this month educational and mindset free webinars once a month too on finances and how to deal with money and also how to have an abundance and positive money mindset.  The goal of ShareAbode is to change the social and economic psychology of the single parents of ShareAbode.


You speak a lot about the psychology of Thinking Into Results, what is this system and what outcomes can someone expect from adopting this process? 

Thinking Into Results is a programme and a one of a kind system based on 50 years of intensive research into the sincere and mechanics of personal achievements.  Developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor and legal attorney Sandy Gallagher, it is one of the most powerful programmes created for quickly and permanently transforming any desire into reality.  

I love it because I went through it for 6 months early on in my single parenting journey and it transformed my life dramatically.  It looks at the habit and paradigms (a set of beliefs or multitude of habits) and through repetition, hand son experiences and everyday support from coaches it replaces those negative habits with healthy ones because everything that is a result in our life first came from the mind.  So, to change the results, change the thoughts.  


What type of articles should the Kiddi-Community expect from you? 

I love all things community and sharing and truly believe that together we achieve more. Anything mindset and self-worth really resonates with me and of course, anything solo parenting and kids is, of course, a beloved focus of my life.


If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, what would they be and why?

1.That you could grant not me, but the world the belief that we are all better at collaborating instead of competing because I know in unity we are so amazing and can accomplish anything.

2. The ability to be able to show anyone believes that I can seriously help them in any area of their life that they are lacking.

3. Tim Tams, plain ones and lots of them!!!