Do Consequences Help or Hinder?

Consequences and punishments are used to reflect back to the child the effects of the decisions they make. However, they often have the opposite effect causing more unwanted behaviour. Consequences are only helpful if; 1; The consequence is a natural… Continue Reading >

The Magic of Teaching Your Child the Right Attitude

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Your child’s attitude is the wand from which magic will happen in their life. Help them get their attitude right, and you will help their world to be right. This is easy to say, but… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Teaching Kids Mathematics at Home

By James Burnett of ORIGO Education With an increasing number of us parents trying to help our children continue their education at the dining table, it’s only natural that tensions and anxiety will often run high as we try our hand at teaching. After all, we are used to professional teachers taking on this important task! How are we supposed to know… Continue Reading >

One step forward, two strokes back – parents risk undoing progress with swim break

As spring and summer approach, Kingswim is reminding parents on the dangers of taking a swim break and that a few lessons here and there do not guarantee your child’s ability and safety around water. Australia’s leading parenting expert Dr… Continue Reading >

Changes to Paid Parental Leave Scheme announced 20 November 2018

The Minister for Women, Kelly O’Dwyer, has announced amendments to the Paid Parental Leave scheme that will apply from 1 July 2020. This is a part of the Women’s Economic Security Statement. While they are small changes, they have the… Continue Reading >


(Simple Ways to Build Your Muscular Endurance)   Turn your back for five minutes and they’re off! You’re a parent now…. so never mind the Joneses, it’s the kids you need to keep up with, and if you want to… Continue Reading >

Share Abode: Great News for Single Parents

No two paths to single parenthood are alike. Nobody can pretend to know the journey of another, however, if we pay attention we can learn from their lessons along the way. Single-parent families are now the fastest-growing family type in Australia. In… Continue Reading >

Is my child eating enough?

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Twitter #BaysideDietetic FB Bayside Dietetics Instagram @baysidedietetic   I have lots of worries. How many nights in a row can we get away with having chicken? Is Simon the best Wiggle? Make it… Continue Reading >

Introducing Michael Ray: an extraordinary single father.

(Also a useful websites for dads – Kiddipedia)   Once in a blue moon, a special someone crosses our path, without knowing they present as a teacher in our lives showing us how we can be better people.  Often enough… Continue Reading >