Setting Your Kids up for Success in 2021

The last weeks of summer are fast approaching, holidays have come and gone, and a whole new year is already underway. Transitioning back into the school routine can be a shock to the system after long lazy summer days and… Continue Reading >

How to create an abundant mind this Christmas

Most of us if not all love Christmas time even if just means a day off work to some who don’t necessarily believe in Christmas. For a lot of us it means spending time with family and/or friends we hardly… Continue Reading >

How Parents Can Help Raise Sons Who Practice Positive Masculinity

Both girls and boys are restricted by gender stereotypes. However, their experiences of gender are different. Girls whilst often valued for their appearance first and foremost are widely encouraged to be strong and step into the masculine parts of themselves…. Continue Reading >

Promoting Positive Fatherhood

Dads often get praised for regular parenting (just a bit patronising!) or they get portrayed as goofy and rather unhelpful – think Peppa’s Daddy Pig! So how can we promote positive fathering and the benefits of fatherhood? Simply acknowledging dads… Continue Reading >

Strategies to stay positive during difficult times

There’s so much uncertainty right now, it’s no wonder you may be feeling overwhelmed, helpless or fearful! It’s OK to feel these things, but you don’t have to be stuck like this. Our minds look for the negative. It’s a… Continue Reading >

Fire up Your Fitness! (Fantastic Ways to Stay Active & Well, All Winter)

In the cold bleak days of winter, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending just a little too much ‘cozy time’ in front of the TV, or other electronic devices. That’s why it’s especially important to make the… Continue Reading >

A New Focus – Joyful June?!  

By Jay Anderson The year is zooming past us and now we have a change of season. For those of us in Australia – its the start of winter.  This can be a time of challenges for many people –… Continue Reading >

Positive Affirmations (“I am” Statements)

Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words in a positive self-affirmation like an “I am” statement, can help to inspire and motivate you to act and think in a way that will align… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Teaching Kids Mathematics at Home

By James Burnett of ORIGO Education With an increasing number of us parents trying to help our children continue their education at the dining table, it’s only natural that tensions and anxiety will often run high as we try our hand at teaching. After all, we are used to professional teachers taking on this important task! How are we supposed to know… Continue Reading >

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus

As the spread of the coronavirus continues to gain momentum globally, children are being exposed to frequent media updates, panicked behaviour, and anxious conversations. It’s only natural that they will have a lot of questions about the pandemic, so it’s… Continue Reading >