How I directly employed a support worker for my autistic son – and found peace of mind in the process

When it comes to raising children, every parent understands the importance of finding the right support. For most families, this means hiring a trustworthy babysitter or leaning on loved ones for help during hard times. When one of your children… Continue Reading >

Dealing with Anxiety and Extreme Fussy Eating in Children

At dinner, my child refuses to come to the table. She has massive meltdowns if the food is not familiar to her! She will scream that the food is yuck, and that she is not eating it”. “At bedtime she… Continue Reading >

4th Trimester Considerations from a Women’s Health Physio 

The journey of pregnancy doesn’t end with childbirth—it continues into the crucial period known as the 4th trimester. Your Women’s health physiotherapist should play a vital role in supporting you during this transformative phase. In this blog post, we will delve… Continue Reading >

Easy Tips for Kids to Help Them Identify Emotions

Identifying emotions can be challenging for adults. Let alone for kids. All the more reasons why parents need to start talking and teaching their children about emotional intelligence at an early age. Basic emotions such as being happy, sad, scared,… Continue Reading >

Period pain is common but not normal & what to do if you experience this.

Words by Angelica-Hazel Toutounji for Kiddipedia   We see it in movies, on television, in commercials and often hear horror stories from friends and family members about debilitating period pain. Whilst pain is often thought of as being an accepted… Continue Reading >

Make Back to School Lunches Tasty and Easy with Barker’s NZ

After a low-key summer break for most of us, the idea of getting ready to go back to school can be quite daunting for parents, particularly when it comes to preparing a variety of daily lunches. Creating delicious homemade treats… Continue Reading >

Ways to Help Children Process Information More Easily

As a parent or early childhood educator, I’m sure you’re interested in strategies to help children process information efficiently. This is called executive function and it supports learning. There are three key elements: Focus and self-regulation: can children behave in… Continue Reading >


What happens as we age ? We often wonder what happens to our body as we age, what intrinsic processes take place and what physical changes happen to the body as the ageing process continues. Most women reach menopause between… Continue Reading >


Once our children become more aware and mobile they are at the risk of consuming poison in the household. Children between the ages of one and four are at the highest risk and the most common items around the household… Continue Reading >

A Parent’s Guide to Taking Your Child or Teenager to Therapy

In my career, I’ve been able to help hundreds of kids and young people coming into my private practice when they have been experiencing mental health challenges. Mental health issues in Australian youth are relatively common, with a 2013-14 population… Continue Reading >