Parenting is often formed by what we were shown in our childhood, how we were parented. Sometimes this changes dependent on the consciousness of that person to either stay in that paradigm or to completely change the course. Either way, when two people come together, have a child and become parents, the way in which they perceive parenting will be, is often very different in some aspects of raising their own child.

Reality is often very different to the fantasy of what having a child will be like.

These differences in perceptions, are mostly overlooked until they become to the forefront of reality when having to choose in moments how to respond or in some cases react to how a child is guided & parented.

You have 2 people, both equal in loving their child, both in most cases wanting the best for their child, but with very different view points in how that will be.

Understanding the parenting wants and desires, or “way” to guide their child, is best discussed and delved into before it interferes with the relationships. Open safe communications – where both parents feel heard and validated is important.

Effective & equal input in communication is simply the starting point in any parenting practice. Easier said than done in some cases! Especially when you put cultural, spiritual, religious or any other major differences into the mix.

Equally what is important at the end of the day, is for both to understand that what is proven and known to be the best possible for the child’s psychological, emotional, physical health when parenting is also taken into account….and ACKNOWLEDGED.

Communicate, acknowledge and be patient with each other as you grow into being parents. None of us get it right the first time round or even the 100th. Come from a place of love and understanding, you are more than half way there!


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