May is here! And when May comes, Mother’s Day is just a few days away. What does this mean? Shops will be promoting a lot of their gift ideas and discount sale offers for mothers. Social media will be buzzing with anything and everything about Mother’s Day. Children at school will be doing crafts or cards for their Mums and we will be reading a lot of articles, blogs, and stories on how to celebrate this special day.

But what is Mother’s Day? Is it like a second birthday to us Mums? Does it mean that because I have given life to a new person and showered them with love and selflessness that I deserve to be celebrated? Or that I have nurtured another person not of my own and have given them a mother’s heart that I deserve to be celebrated? Yes, these are all true and important.

But by being a mother, we have learned selflessness and thought about others first. So Mother’s Day will always be about all our Mums. Even though we are already mothers and know that we deserve to be celebrated we have our own mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day with.

We need to focus on giving this day new meaning by not thinking of honoring oneself but by giving honor to our own Mums. Remembering them and just thinking about how their life was when you were the same age as your children. Now that you have children of your own, you know now how they felt and what they have gone through and experienced.

No one is exempted in celebrating Mother’s Day. It can be celebrated by the whole family. Gather all the grandparents and have a special day out. This day doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. We can make it into a memorable and unique day maybe just by enjoying a barbeque outside. Let us show our Mums that we understand them now and thank them for being our Mums.

After all it’s Mother’s Day, so let’s all enjoy it and give thanks for all the blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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