Fatherhood is one of the most challenging, yet profoundly fulfilling jobs there is.

It’s common that on the outside Dads portray that they are fine, however on the inside many silently carry the weight of worries and acute stresses as they balance family life and commitment to work.

As we know, sleepless nights and ongoing sleep deprivation is a horrible experience, so imagine that all whilst wanting to fiercely be strong as the backbone of the family.

If you’re a Dad and can relate, and would like some helpful tips and advice, then today is your day.

To help we welcome our special guests Amelia Walker and Chris Barnes from the Gidget Foundation who will share tips on how new Dads can improve their work/life balance.

Chris Barnes is a Clinical Psychologist and has been in private practice for over 25 years.

Amelia Walker is a Program Clinician and Registered Counsellor with 12 years of clinical management and inception of clinics in London.

As a disclaimer, during this interview, we use the terms ‘Dad’ and ‘Father’ broadly as we acknowledge and support the broad spectrum that includes all co-parents and rainbow families


We ask Amelia and Chris questions including:

  1. What insight can you share into the challenges father’s experience?
  2. Do you think that Dads are far too hard on themselves?
  3. Thankfully, open discussions about mental health are now on the table for discussion without prejudice. Have become you experienced Dads being more open to receiving help and support?
  4. How has a father’s role changed in recent years?
  5. How can Dads best-overcome feelings of discouragement and money worries when providing for their family?
  6. In your article you share your top 5, what are some tips and support services you can share with new and expectant parents?
  7. How can The Gidget Foundation help families nationally with services like telehealth?


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