Father’s Day Grief

Beyond the Celebration: Providing a Shoulder for Bereaved Dads this Father’s Day   While Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the joy and love that fathers – and father figures – bring into our lives, we must also remember that… Continue Reading >

A Dad’s Perspective on Emotions

I was naked on the shower floor, shaking, uncontrollably crying and all I could think of was how was I going to be a Dad. It was a little more than a week after my daughter Betty was born. We… Continue Reading >

3 ways to have a more enjoyable Fatherhood.

From one dad to another, I find fatherhood difficult. Don’t get me wrong! I love my kids and I love being a father, but nothing humbles me more than fatherhood. I know I’m far from perfect. I struggle with work/life… Continue Reading >

Recognising ALL our dads on Father’s Day  

This Father’s Day we are imploring Australians to give thanks and think about ALL our Fathers. Whether they are single dads, stepfathers, donor fathers, blended fathers, traditional dads etc.  Whatever the role your father plays for you or the man… Continue Reading >

10 Ways to show your Dad you love him on Father’s day

A son’s first hero and daughters first love is their Dad. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect like a bodyguard. Despite how much they are loved many of us can find it difficult to… Continue Reading >

The Language of Love: The Father Who Learned Spanish For His Son

In 2015, David Bottomley found himself in a unique and frustrating situation. Earlier in the year, his son Stewart had fallen for a Spanish woman named Atenea, sparking a whirlwind trip to Spain to meet their future in-laws. With the… Continue Reading >

The Fun of Fathering

Fatherhood?  Fun?  No, this isn’t a joke. Believe it or not, fathering can be fun when you develop a certain perspective. In this post, we want to explore 3 attributes that will bring joy, excitement, and success to your fathering… Continue Reading >

The starring role of a lifetime: How becoming a new father will be the most important and rewarding job you’ll ever have

By Midwife Cath, Tommee Tippee’s Expert Brand Ambassador   In the 1960s, being a father was largely categorised by three things – your financial contribution to the household, your ability as a disciplinarian, and making sure you’re macho enough to… Continue Reading >

Real Dads Help Breastfeed Too

According to Australia’s most recognised breastfeeding expert, Pinky McKay, a father’s impact is the single most crucial factor in breastfeeding success – and no, he doesn’t have to bare his man boobs! (see clip Meet The Fockers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xoVutcfKNk) Pinky,… Continue Reading >

How to Improve Work/Life Balance as a Dad | Amelia Walker and Chris Barnes from Gidget Foundation | Ep 165

  Fatherhood is one of the most challenging, yet profoundly fulfilling jobs there is. It’s common that on the outside Dads portray that they are fine, however on the inside many silently carry the weight of worries and acute stresses… Continue Reading >