It has become increasingly pre-valence over the past half-a-century that there has been a steady increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism. That being new diagnoses per year and the total number of affected individuals in the total population.

But how much do we really know and understand about Autisms Spectrum Disorder and how to best support affected children.

And secondly, how can we best support them during this pandemic.

Let’s face it, most adults are finding this an extremely challenging time, it’s mindful for us to be empathetic how it is affecting them.

To help we welcome our special guest Portia Gunn, an Occupational Therapist from Youthrive Integrated Therapy Services.


We ask Portia questions including:

  1. What are some of the common challenges that children with autism face?
  2. Why might the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19 be particularly challenging for children with Autism?
  3. What are some tips to help parents support their child with Autism through COVID-19 and other stressful events?
  4. How can parents explain mask wearing to children with special needs?
  5. What questions are you getting from parents or caregivers of special needs children?
  6. What are some of the more common challenges children would experience with social communication and lack of interacting with others during this time?
  7. How should parents best communicate the information about COVID to children?
  8. How should parents best leave their children to feel after the conversation?
  9. How can a parent best communicate social distancing rules to children with Autism?
  10. What about behaviour, people with autism can often exhibit behavioural issues.


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