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Sleep. The quality of our day depends on it and our bodies ability to function effectively. Everybody knows the terrible feeling when you wake from a poor nights sleep: the foggy mind and heaviness. There’s nothing worse than counting the hours until you you’re comfortably lying on your mattress again with your head is resting on your pillow again. Parents with young children know this feeling all too well.

Getting good sleep is essential in the bodies healing process. When you don’t have enough sleep, it affects our wellbeing. Getting good sleep not only regulates our metabolism, it helps us keep focused and rebuilds muscle, it is also an integral part of our concentration which is vital not only for ourselves but for parenting our children on a day to day basis.



Sleep is a top priority for maintaining good health.

To enable us to have a better quality life, here are our top 10 Tips for A Better Nights Sleep.

Our tips are designed to help improve the quality of your sleep and help you fall asleep faster.


1- Create a bedtime routine:  Prepare for a restful nights sleep by getting the stress from the day out of your body. Unwind by having a hot shower, sip on a hot drink like camomile tea or warm milk. Prepare your body for sleep by reducing the amount of bright light in the house; reason being is that fluorescent lights biologically tell our body to stay awake. Also, try to develop the consistency of going to bed around the same time each night.


2- Try not to eat large meals close to bedtime: Wait 2 – 3 hours between your last meal and going to bed. By doing this, it allows your body time to digest food from your stomach to your small intestine. When we eat too late, it also prompts the release of insulin, which may have a role in shifting our circadian rhythm (or inner clock as it is known).


3- No screens in the bedroom Make your bedroom a place for rest and intimacy only. Smartphone screens, TV screens, Computer screens emit blue light (or short wavelength enriched light) in high concentration. Our eyes contain something called photosensitive retinal ganglion cells. In short, when our eyes and blue light meet before sleep, it stops our bodies releasing a hormone called melatonin, which helps us fall asleep. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your mobile onto aeroplane mode to avoid any unnecessary calls in the middle of the night.


4- Reduce caffeine after 12 pm: Caffeine should be avoided in the 4 to 6 hours before bed or earlier if you are sensitive to its effects.


5- Try the best sleeping position: According to science, the best position is sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your side or the fetal position put pressure and weight on your shoulder’s rotator cuff, Sleeping on your stomach can also lead to neck and pain, irritated nerves and strain on your muscles and joints.

Sleeping on your back keeps your body in neutral alignment, doesn’t put pressure on your joints and wards off acid reflux. Ecosa Mattresses are a great option as they are engineered to support your spines natural alignment, allowing you to relax into a night of restorative sleep.


6- Empty Your Mind and Clear Your Thoughts At The End Of The Day. Make a to-do list and a physically remove your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Meditation can also break the train of throughs for the day and help your mind, boy and soul unwind.


7- Try not to exercise within 3 hours of your bedtime. The reason for this is that exercise places stress on your central nervous system and raises your core body temperature. Both of these things can affect getting to sleep.


8-  Control noise quality Silence is not the best option for everyone. Providing consist of noise throughout the night can assist with sleep quality. There is a range of sleep Apps you can download on iOS and Android that can help.


9-  Turn your alarm clock around: Staring at the alarm in the middle of the night increases the stress hormone in your body known as cortisol. To minimise sleep disturbances, turn the face of the clock away from you to help avoid staring at it throughout the night.


10 – Invest in a good quality mattress: Your mattress significantly impacts the quality of your sleep. Considering we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it’s worth investing in the right one for you. A good quality mattress can improve not only your sleep but the overall quality of your life by enabling better physical and mental health.


When looking for the right mattress, be sure to focus on comfort and consider factors including the size, firmness and the quality of materials used.

However, who has the time to go out and look for the perfect mattress? Well, we’ve gone ahead and done that for you. Create the optimum environment for a sound sleep with ECOSA.

Explore ECOSA’s range here.



About ECOSA:

Ecosa is Australia’s first luxury mattress in a box dedicated to helping Australians find better nights sleep.

They started with mattresses and expanded to pillows and sheets. Now their range includes everything with the launch of new products:

Solid American Ash Wooden Bed-base

Side tables

Bamboo sheets and linen

Silk Quilts

Now the range is complete.


ECOSA know how vital rest is for new parents, so Ecosa’s products are dedicated to getting the best nights sleep.


Ecosa Mattresses Features:

*Premium Quality

*Free Shipping

*100 Night Trial: if you don’t love it, ECOSA will refund you and arrange for your mattress to be donated.

*Same-Day Delivery (Metro areas)

*15-year Warranty

*Removal and Washable Covers: Dust Mite Free the waterproof cover contains microfilaments to protect the mattress from bacteria and dust mites

*Waterproof (a la baby- pee and Mummy wine proof)

*Three layers of firmness thanks to a reversible layer inside the cover so you can decide between medium, medium-firm and firm

*Scientifically designed with pinholes for better airflow


For a quality mattress designed and altered to your sleeping style visit


To WIN 1 of 3 ECOSA Bamboo Bedding Set (valued at $400 each!)


Quilt cover set – $260 (king size)

Fitted sheet – $140 (king size)

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