WIN 1 of 3 ECOSA Bamboo Bedding Set (valued at $400 each!)

To WIN 1 of 3 ECOSA Bamboo Bedding Set (valued at $400 each!)


Quilt cover set – $260 (king size)

Fitted sheet – $140 (king size)

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Ecosa is an Australian designer and retailer of mattresses, pillows, toppers and bed linen that are specially designed to be extra comfortable and supportive. The flagship product is the Ecosa mattress which is multilayered to offer temperature regulation and adjustable support.

Bamboo Sheet

The sheets are made from soft organic bamboo and are sustainably produced. The material is naturally odour resistant and anti-bacterial, and the sets come in a range of colours.


The memory foam topper is designed for people who want an extra layer of softness on top of their mattress. It comes with a 10 year warranty.

Silk Pillowcase

The silk pillowcase is designed to be kind to your skin and hair and regulate temperature naturally. It is made from 100% mulberry silk.


The signature Ecosa pillow is made from memory foam and comes in a unique shape to support your head and neck when you are sitting or lying down.


The Ecosa mattress is uniquely engineered with multiple foam layers to provide maximum support and comfort. The layers are designed to regulate temperature and circulate air, and you can adjust the firmness to suit your needs. The mattress is delivered to your door in a compact box.

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