How White Noise Helps the Whole Family

By Dr. Harvey Karp   What if you treated your own bedtime and sleep space like it was your baby’s? Best guess: You’d start sleeping better, pronto! While there are no grownup-size swaddles or SNOOs (yet!), there is one baby-sleep… Continue Reading >

Solids and Sleep

Starting solids can be and exciting time for you and your baby. It’s fun to introduce them to the wide world of food. Some babies are interested in food early on, and others take a little longer to excite their… Continue Reading >

5 Myths About Baby Sleep

As new parents, we are often inundated with information about baby sleep from well-meaning family members, friends, and even strangers. Unfortunately, not all of this information is accurate – in fact, some of the most popular pieces of advice and… Continue Reading >

Sleep Facts for Parents: Things you should know about sleep deprivation

Why is sleep so important? Sleep is vital for children’s and adolescents’ wellbeing. Evidence shows that children and adolescents who do not get enough sleep have more trouble learning. They are less attentive and motivated, have poor problem solving, increased… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Stress Management in your Preconception Period

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not “yourself” as you try to conceive? Have you lost touch with your intention of why you want to become a mum? The truth about trying to conceive is that it can be a… Continue Reading >

What to Do When Baby Wakes Every Hour?

By Harvey Karp   It’s totally normal and expected for newborns to wake often at night for a feed and a nappy change. In fact, the longest stretch of newborn night time ZZZ’s is usually about 4 hours, which bumps… Continue Reading >

How do you start feeling like yourself again in Motherhood?

Motherhood; A process of gaining someone but also losing someone – yourself. It’s a time of deep love but also a time of deep exhaustion. Modern Postpartum is often filled with stress, fear and overwhelm and results in mental, physical,… Continue Reading >

Important steps to improve your child’s sleep, the 2-5 year old edition

Sleep is a vital aspect of a child’s development, especially during the formative years of 2 to 5. As parents, understanding the intricacies of toddler sleep can greatly impact both their well-being and yours creating a happier, healthier household. Let’s… Continue Reading >

Your guide to postnatal nutrition and sleep

After giving birth, your body will go through a lot of changes. Although it’s easy to get caught up caring for your newborn 24/7, postpartum care is crucial to help your body recover after the incredible feat that is childbirth…. Continue Reading >

Post-Natal Nutrition: Key Foods and Links to Sleep

When your pregnancy is over and you’re basking in the joy (and lack of sleep!) of your beautiful newborn, nutrition is likely the last thing on your mind. It’s often something that’s only thought of during pregnancy, around foods that… Continue Reading >