You decided you were ready for a baby, so you stopped taking the pill. You thought it would be easy to fall pregnant. But you weren’t prepared for having to wait for months, with still no success conceiving. Your cycle has become irregular, and you’re wondering, “what’s wrong with my body?”.

A visit to your GP may leave you disappointed and with a script for more pills to fix the effects of the oral contraceptive pill. At this stage, women are often diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is associated with difficulties in conceiving.

By now, you’re possibly feeling like you won’t be able to conceive a baby naturally. You’ve already been trying for so long. IVF is looking like your best option.

I’ve seen many clients with a very similar story to this one. A particular client had been trying to conceive for over a year after she stopped taking the pill. During that year, her cycle was usually around 60 days, and she didn’t think she was ovulating. Investigations found she had some ovarian cysts, but she had little other symptoms of PCOS. Her doctor prescribed medication which is often given to patients with PCOS, but this client decided to try natural therapies first. With the help of herbal medicine and seed cycling, this client’s hormones are becoming more balanced and she is now experiencing regular 28 day cycles.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation – stopping the pill but having trouble with conceiving – here’s my advice to you. Research any medication that you’ve been prescribed and make sure it’s not going to reduce your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. Talk to your GP about any concerns you have. You’ll also benefit from learning about different hormones (such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone). Use fertility tracking to find out what’s happening with your hormones – many menstrual symptoms are linked to different hormone imbalances.

Once you know exactly why you’ve been having trouble conceiving all this time, you will feel empowered. You will know the steps you need to take to get your body back on track to conceive a baby.

Ready to take control of your hormones? Start your journey with herb & seed cycling here.


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