Motherhood and Anxiety

Anxiety is a far more common issue with new mums than postnatal depression. For many women, anxiety, not sadness, is what they feel after having their baby. It can start in pregnancy and once the baby is born to grow to… Continue Reading >

Understanding Postnatal Depression

Perinatal or postnatal depression affects about 15 – 20 per cent of women in Australia. For about 40 per cent of these cases, the symptoms begin in pregnancy and can last up to two years. Even though postnatal depression is… Continue Reading >


I’ve never considered myself to be an alcoholic. Actually, I still don’t. It conjures up the wrong image. When I say my website name, Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy, I imagine people jump straight to worst case scenario, Me, passed out… Continue Reading >

Tips for families about COVID-19 from Dr Tanya Unni, Amtan Medical Centre founder and director

The rumours and misconceptions about COVID-19 are spreading at a faster rate than the novel virus. We have to be mindful of the misleading rumours during such a critical period of pandemic, since wrong information can lead to undesirable outcomes. Here are some of the… Continue Reading >

How to give medication to your baby

There are times when you may need to give your baby some medication for a variety of different reasons and this can be quite challenging. If you think of it from your baby’s perspective, they have only ever tasted breastmilk… Continue Reading >

How the contraceptive pill affects your fertility

You decided you were ready for a baby, so you stopped taking the pill. You thought it would be easy to fall pregnant. But you weren’t prepared for having to wait for months, with still no success conceiving. Your cycle… Continue Reading >

Who should I see to help with my child’s Eczema?

One of the most asked questions we receive on the Allerchic Facebook page & community group is What doctor or healthcare professional should I see to help with my eczema. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of… Continue Reading >

Top Ways to Be Prepared for a First Aid Accident

Unfortunately for us as parents, our little ones can find themselves in a first aid accident at any age, anytime and any place. While seeing bub hurt or injured can be distressing, it is important for parents to prepare themselves… Continue Reading >