Emotion Naming Games for Children

Children who have a firm understanding of their emotional experiences are more able to regulate and express their feelings in healthy ways have more positive relationships, are better prepared for learning and also have higher self-esteem. When a child struggles… Continue Reading >

How to Teach Your Children to Play on Their Own

Let’s be honest – all parents sometimes dream of a child playing independently for as long as possible, while mom or dad could do all their household chores combining them with their remote work. The paradox of the situation is… Continue Reading >

How to talk to your child about racism

By Maria Thattil   Educating your child about racism and how to speak to others when someone appears to be “different” from what is perceived to be “the norm” is not simple. Kids are naturally curious; this curiosity can manifest… Continue Reading >

The Top Money Resolutions that You can Start Today

New Year is just around the corner, but you don’t have to wait until December 31st to start marking your list of resolutions. The start of a new year is often the opportunity to have a fresh slate, but there… Continue Reading >

Understanding the Sensory System to teach children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to eat new foods

By Melanie Bouras, Paediatric Dietitian Youthrive   It’s important to understand the sensory system, and how it often impacts on the foods we choose to eat or refuse to eat. The Sensory System involves; Sight Touch Smell Sound The food… Continue Reading >

The Joy of Grilling with Kids

The enjoyment and value of teaching kids and teens how to cook also should be extended to the brilliance of the barbecue. Making sure that safety is paramount, children should get ensconced in the joy of barbecuing by understanding different… Continue Reading >

How to teach kids about gravity and friction the fun way, with VTech

Media kindly brought to you by VTech  If you assumed that physics was outside of your child’s grasp until secondary school, think again! Early STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) has gained momentum in recent years and considering… Continue Reading >

The Magic of Teaching Your Child the Right Attitude

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Your child’s attitude is the wand from which magic will happen in their life. Help them get their attitude right, and you will help their world to be right. This is easy to say, but… Continue Reading >

We are different, we are the same: Tangible ways to teach young children about diversity

Our culture influences how we live, how we engage with the world, and how we express ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that how a child interacts with their parents, community and media can shape their perception and sense of belonging…. Continue Reading >

Angels in the Marble: How to Teach Your Children to See their own Beauty

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   When I was shifting careers from medicine to writing in the early months of 2000, I had a dream in which I was being chased by evil criminals. Normally I dream in colour, but this… Continue Reading >