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After two years of navigating life during a pandemic, who else thought that 2022 was finally going to be when everything got back to normal?! Of course, that hasn’t been the case with already a chunk of the year gone and covid STILL remaining a major health concern that’s also wreaking havoc on our daily routines.

While everyone is struggling with this new way of life to some degree, unfortunately, it’s children who are suffering the most with all the disruption – especially those who may have only started school when this all began and have no idea what ‘normal’ learning, extra curriculum or social activities are like.

So, what can we do to help our children get back into a good routine and gain back the confidence they need to develop, learn and thrive?

According to our friends at Goalstar Rewards, the solution lies in creative goal setting. By re-setting the way children create and track a broad range of developmental goals around Academic, Sports, Behavioural and Social skills, it will give them the motivation and confidence to achieve their dreams – not to mention creating a little more harmony and order around home!

Why goal setting is so important

Setting and achieving goals is a super useful tool that parents can use to help children in many ways that have lots of other fantastic benefits too, for example, it:

  • Establishes a sense of purpose for actions
  • Helps build resilience when you develop a goal-setting mindset from an early age
  • Fosters independence
  • Gives them a sense of achievement that naturally builds confidence
  • Helps with decision making
  • Teaches perseverance
  • Helps children who may naturally be hesitant or resistant to various activities or areas of learning

And don’t forget the most important one of all – setting and smashing goals is fun!

Goals designed for YOUR child

Goalstar Rewards knows that the key to motivating children to achieve is to teach them the value of setting a range of different all-around goals that are specific to them. And that is what’s at the heart of their unique new online program which allows families with children aged 7 years and up to easily set individual goals and track their progress.

How it works is that parents get a simplified approach to setting up goals for their children, with clear outcomes and timely notifications as their child progresses each day. Importantly, children can easily track their own progress each day too, building up reward points that can be redeemed through the program – such as a wide range of cool gift cards, cash (i.e. pocket money), special activities, or can even design their own amazing reward!

Along with the other benefits of general goal setting, Goalstar Rewards can also help children learn about innovative problem-solving in our fast-ever changing world. This comes from learning along the way what works for them as they grow, and what they may need to adapt. Plus, children and parents work together on the missions and goals, so it’s a family-focused system that allows children to feel supported and encouraged.

Online, simple and convenient

But what about the good old sticker chart? Sure, they’re cute and you can start one with the best intentions, but as time-poor parents know it’s very easy to forget to do them. Plus, they aren’t so appealing to kids as they get older due to the basic nature of the system.

What makes Goalstar Rewards so good is that it’s all online, including the rewards! In fact, it’s currently the only online goal-setting program available in Australia, is cost-effective and they even offer a 4-week free trial for each child in the family so you can check out what it’s all about first.

The program also comes with the free and handy Goalstar Rewards app (to make tracking goal progress even easier). Trust us, parents will feel fully supported using this nifty system to set and balance the right goals that support the trillion (or so it feels like) activities that children now do in our busy modern world.

So, no more stressing about how to improve your child’s development and get them in the right zone for the rest of the year. It’s all about effectively managing how you create and kick those goals!

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