Building Resilience Through Play

Being resilient is an integral part of a child’s development and helps bolster mental health and well-being. Resilience is a character trait that we build and as such we can help our children become more resilient, meaning they will be… Continue Reading >

Get your child back on track this year using the power of goal setting

Media kindly brought to you by Goalstar Rewards   After two years of navigating life during a pandemic, who else thought that 2022 was finally going to be when everything got back to normal?! Of course, that hasn’t been the… Continue Reading >

Separation Anxiety

It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye. Even though separation anxiety is a normal stage of development it is very difficult to cope with. Being empathic to the child in supporting them through the anxiety… Continue Reading >

How to Develop Resilience in Teens

Adversity and setbacks are a part of life. This is no less true for the formative pre-teen and teenage years. When faced with difficulties and challenges, we are presented with an opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences. For… Continue Reading >

Battling Lockdown Fatigue: Three Strategies to Bolster our Resilience

by Dr Tom Brunzell, Director of Education,  Berry Street Victoria   All parents have come to know the feeling well—the nervous stomach and in-take of breath each morning when checking the news. One day it’s relief that no news is… Continue Reading >

Rules for Resiliency

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. This characteristic is critical for today’s children because they are being exposed to so many traumatic events and challenging circumstances. These occurrences are making resiliency become an even… Continue Reading >

Helping kids build new worlds with Playmobil

Media kindly brought to you by Playmobil As families rejoice in holiday preparations to heal from a very challenging year and look ahead to brighter days, it’s natural for parents to want to reward the resilience of their children this… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Role-model Resilience (when you’re struggling)

By Hannah Davison   Turn back the clock four years to 12:02 am, Monday, 14th November 2016. I held my son as the violent 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake wreaked havoc around us. It tore through our home with a monstrous… Continue Reading >

Building Resilience in Children

Stress is something we all have to deal with no matter what our age. It is important that as adults we help children deal with stress and changes. Building resilience in children will help them  cope with the ups and… Continue Reading >

Staying COOL through COVID-19

It’s been a pretty tough few months for Australians. We’ve had drought, fire, floods and now the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re certainly feeling it here at Teach Ted. Read on to hear what we are doing and download some fun activities… Continue Reading >