Over 30 percent of small businesses are run by women. Women from all walks of life, experiences and family types. This number grows every year as women grab hold of the reins of their financial futures and get to solving the problems of the world with their innovative and brilliant business ideas.

For many women, juggling being a parent and an entrepreneur can cause friction. We are inundated with messages telling us how to be a better parent and there is no shortage of trolls who will pull you up if they deem you are not being a mum the ‘right’ way.

There is no rule book to be a mum or an entrepreneur … and they can go hand in hand. It just requires organisation, teamwork and a change in thinking.

Being a great mum and a great entrepreneur are not mutually exclusive. You can be awesome at both.

  1. Role modelling leadership

A big part of being a great parent is role modelling the behaviours you want your kids to demonstrate as they grow into adulthood. Being a great mum begins by being a great leader.  Kids are always watching and listening (remember when your 2-year-old dropped the F bomb in the supermarket). Our job is to teach them everything but if you re not leading and your actions do not match the words, then you lose their respect and trust. Running your own business shows your children what it takes to bring something to life. It shows them what can be achieved through hard work and passion and that something worth having is worth fighting for.

  1. It’s ok to focus on you

We do a lot for our children. We do these things because we want them to grow up happy, healthy and strong. Somewhere along the way, as parents, we lose ourselves. We stop doing the things we live thinking we have to pour all of ourselves into our children. By doing this, we teach them the world revolves around them…and it doesn’t. They will get a nasty shock when they leave home to find out their flatmate is not going to fold their washing for them or give them a wake up call every day for work. Having your own business, putting in the time to grow it and nurture it shows your children that you are not just mum but an accomplished and driven person. By dedicating time to your venture, you also build your own self-worth and esteem.

  1. Get rid of the guilt

Some of the most resilient and successful people in the world because some by learning how to be independent. They had to work things out for themselves. Maybe your meeting ran late, or you have to travel interstate for a business event, as long as your children are in the care of someone who loves them and cares for them, they will be alright. Feeling guilty about going to work or building a business isn’t helpful for you or your children. Be proud of what you are doing.

  1. It is not even a sacrifice.

So often we hear we have to sacrifice and give things up for our children. But why do we have to do this?  We may have to pull back on some things while they are young but when we live a society where we expected to contribute to the greater good, it doesn’t hurt if our children learn this from the get-go. Being an entrepreneur is not something you can turn on and off – it is a way of thinking- it is not job. It is not something you slip in and out of it, just like you cannot slip in and out of being a mother. It is what you are. Doing both means you have to be organised and purpose driven.

  1. You are more than your roles

We live in a world that loves to label things.  When we label what a good mum is or a good entrepreneur, we are setting people up to question if they can do both when it shouldn’t even be a consideration.  Being a mum is just one aspect of who you are. You are also a friend, a sister, a wife, a colleague, an author, a coach … the most important thing to remember, regardless of the roles you have, is what type of person are you?  As a human being, you have the luxury of sharing your skillsets with other humans – whether it is your children, the person across the road, your suppliers or your clients.


Hayley Birtle-Eades’s true prowess lies in business enhancement and brand strategy. Turning her passion into profit, the boss lady of beinc has a unique way of looking at business has helped 100s of clients across multiple industries realise their goals and visions. Walking side-by-side with her clients, Hayley offers real-life experience, insight, and expertise. Hayley’s ’no BS’ approach and quick thinking are alchemy to business, leading to savvy and bold solutions for the businesses she works with. Mum of three and an award-winning, bighearted entrepreneur’s energy and verve in and towards business is intoxicating and enigmatic.


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