Valentine’s Day Special Edition

  Valentine’s Day is a chance to role model a loving relationship to your children Demonstrating a loving, healthy relationship to your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. What you both role model now is… Continue Reading >

How To Talk To Your Kids About Covid

By Dr Sandy Hopper   Let’s not sugar coat it; a pandemic is scary and even more so for children exposed to negative headlines throughout social media. There’s no doubt COVID is slowly making its way through our community, but… Continue Reading >

Introducing New Foods To Young Children

Introducing new foods to young children can be a testing time for parents and caregivers.  Tears and tantrums are commonplace and mealtimes can be extremely challenging for the whole family. But let’s imagine what the experience is like from the… Continue Reading >

Why Parents Need to Implement Self-care

It doesn’t matter who you are, self-care is for everyone. Practicing self-care gives your mind and body a chance to rest and prepare for life’s challenges. It promotes holistic wellbeing including physical, social and mental health. But what exactly does… Continue Reading >

How to Become a Body Image Role Model

As a young girl, I was brainwashed into diet culture and poor body image. I remember walking past the checkout counters in the grocery store, seeing the magazines, praising weight loss, or advertising a new miracle diet My environment compounded… Continue Reading >

How to Help Children Have a Healthy Body Image

Helping your child have a positive body image begins so much earlier than you think. Babies learn through watching, and well before they can talk, they have already absorbed so much information about the world around them. Particularly about their… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Role-model Resilience (when you’re struggling)

By Hannah Davison   Turn back the clock four years to 12:02 am, Monday, 14th November 2016. I held my son as the violent 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake wreaked havoc around us. It tore through our home with a monstrous… Continue Reading >

The greatest challenges of being a dad

As someone that spends their life encouraging people to embrace challenges and get out of their comfort zone, becoming a Dad really was a time to heed my own advice. The advice I was given from close friends was to… Continue Reading >

How to make the most of Mother’s Day this year

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but with self-isolation and social distancing, many parents will be searching for a whole new way of celebrating this annual ritual with their families. On top of the celebrations themselves, many of us… Continue Reading >

Being An Awesome Entrepreneur Is Good For Your Kids

Over 30 percent of small businesses are run by women. Women from all walks of life, experiences and family types. This number grows every year as women grab hold of the reins of their financial futures and get to solving… Continue Reading >