How To Tackle Back To School Anxiety

Although the first day back at school, or even the first ever day at school, can be an exciting prospect for some children, adjustment difficulties are common. Anxious feelings are expected and normal in children returning to school, changing schools,… Continue Reading >

First Child, Second Child: The Effects of Birth Order

Susan Moore & Doreen Rosenthal   Every child is different, a unique combination of genetic tendencies and the influence of environment, including the way you parent.  Is birth order one of the factors that makes a difference to your child’s… Continue Reading >

How to Manage Stress

Stress is a very common aspect of life. Everyone experiences stress and some people will always be more stressed than others. Stress can range from having to deal with the daily struggles such as paying the bills, cleaning your house,… Continue Reading >

20 Questions to Ask your Mum this Mother’s Day

Below you’ll find 20 great questions to ask your mum this Mother’s Day. But first, some background. I was reading a book recently and came across a sentence that stopped me cold: “If you see your mother twice a year… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Music in Childhood Development

Media kindly brought to you by Music Beat   Throughout history, music has been a useful teaching tool to support children’s learning and development. For thousands of years, the creation of music has helped children develop social, emotional, cognitive and… Continue Reading >

Dusty Dolly’s Plea

By Rachel Favilla   I ponder my childhood often. I’m nostalgic and have the memory of an elephant in that I never forget, anything. Like ever. It’s a bitter-sweet complex. I have many joyous memories to re-live in my mind…. Continue Reading >

Having trouble sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Get smarter by setting SMART goals

As we have now made it to the New Year, it is likely that some of us have set New Year’s Resolutions. However, as past experience may have shown you, these promises you make to yourself at the beginning of… Continue Reading >

Back to school tips in 2021

Whether it is the first day at primary school, high school or changing schools when moving to a new house – the first day of school is usually stressful for both parents and children. New places and new experiences sound… Continue Reading >

Child supervision warning after five toddler drownings in two months

Water safety authorities including Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Kidsafe Victoria are calling for active supervision of children at pools, beaches and inland waterways following five toddler drowning deaths in Victoria in two months. Most recently, a two-year-old drowned after falling off a pier… Continue Reading >

6 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play

Media kindly brought to you by Pink Poppy   It’s been said that “logic will get you from A to B, while imagination will take you everywhere”. Children’s irrepressible passion for play may be the purest example of how imagination… Continue Reading >