As we all know, a well-balanced meal contains a combination of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. When encouraging and supporting children who are fussy eaters you can be lucky for them to eat one of these alone, and that could be on a good day.

Pre-plating children’s meals have long been known as a practical way for parents to try and provide a solid nutritional foundation however, but, how beneficial is this method?

Is there something else can we be doing to try and help encourage and foster fussy eaters’ interest and enthusiasm toward food?

Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today with our special guest and resident expert in fussy eating, Marie-France Laval.

Marie-France Laval is a Dietitian-Nutritionist, Home Economist and Counsellor originally from France.

Marie France is also the CEO of Fussy Eater Solutions where she offers a range of online and in-home programs to support fussy eaters and their families.

We ask Marie-France questions including:

  1. Where does pre-plating come from?
  2. Pre-plating seems practical, so what’s wrong with it?
  3. hat causes pre-plating to go from practical to problematic?
  4. What is the difference with the family style, otherwise known as the European way of serving meals? How is that not equally nutritionally obsessed and focused?
  5. Family style of serving, is this, not more work?
  6. How does the family way of serving meals support fussy eaters? How can parents introduce this?
  7. How does pre-plating equally influence obesity and an unhealthy relationship with food that can last an entire lifetime?
  8. You’ve always recommended the inclusion of a second course such as bread/crackers with cheese or yoghurt, fruit or dessert. Why is this?

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