What Happens to our Bodies and Brains Without Sufficient Sleep

By Dr. Harvey Karp   Not getting enough ZZZs does more than make us groggy and grouchy—it greatly impacts our physical and mental health…and our ability to parent. Whether you’ve got an infant snoozing in a cot at your bedside—or… Continue Reading >

How Exercise can Help with Mental Health

According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 7 Australians experience anxiety at any given time. Pair that with the fact that it is not uncommon for people to feel a bit lower in winter, with many Aussies reportedly being affected by seasonal affective disorder (or SAD disorder)… Continue Reading >

Are Pre-plated Meals Failing your Fussy Eater? | Marie-France Laval | Ep 201

As we all know, a well-balanced meal contains a combination of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. When encouraging and supporting children who are fussy eaters you can be lucky for them to eat one of these alone, and that could be… Continue Reading >

How Can Nutrition Benefit Postnatal Depression | Lana Hirth | Ep 199

  Is there a link between nutrition and our mood? More importantly, does the food we eat impact our mental health? Well… that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today. In particular, we’re talking to any new Mum, or a… Continue Reading >

School Anxiety After Lockdown: Tips to Help Your Child Cope

Returning to school can be a stressful experience for children at the best of times, but going back to school after extended lockdowns can cause extra anxiety. Although many children and parents are looking forward to the return of school,… Continue Reading >

How the Media is Causing Bullying and Mental Health Problems for our Children

Stereotypes are so often taken for granted and so engrained that we assume they are a real construct. When we see stereotypes in media, advertising and marketing it reinforces them further and perpetuates them in a never ending cycle. Stereotypes… Continue Reading >

8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Families Mental Health

From the Team at Suicide Prevention Pathways   Ahead of Queensland Mental Health Week (9-17 October) and the Walk For Awareness presented by Tessa Group, we worked with the team at Suicide Prevention Pathways to share their learnings and insights… Continue Reading >

How to Survive this Ongoing Lockdown

I know for many of us lockdown has been quite a challenge, not to say the least. And as a Victorian resident, I know exactly how frustrating lockdown can be. I understand how many people have felt down about their… Continue Reading >

Covid lockdown…has it helped or hindered your baby’s sleep?

Another return to lockdown is crushing our mental health and children are also feeling it too.  The effects of restrictions that changed our normal daily activities and routine from that of purpose to go about the day without the need… Continue Reading >

The Perfect Storm’ for Young People’s Mental Health

A mentor recently told me that it’s as if what’s happening right now is the equivalent of Mother Nature sending us to our rooms to think about our bad behaviour, with the hope we’ll be let out knowing what needs… Continue Reading >