Is there a link between nutrition and our mood?

More importantly, does the food we eat impact our mental health?

Well… that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today.

In particular, we’re talking to any new Mum, or a Mum to be, as we endeavour to answer the question ‘How can nutrition benefit postnatal depression?’

To help share her expert evidence-based advice on this topic we welcome our special guest Lana Hirth

Lana is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist who helps women enhance their nutrition with the power of good food to live life to the full.

We ask Lana questions including:

  1. Why should expectant Mums, and new Mums, consider their nutritional needs equally as much as how foods affect our mental health? Also, the possible effects food has on developing post-natal depression?
  2. What is Post Natal Depression? What are some key signs that might be associated with postnatal depression according to Beyond Blue?
  3. What factors can influence postnatal depression?
  4. What is Maternal nutrient depletion and what causes it?
  5. I understand there was a landmark study in 2017 that led to how we can improve depressive symptoms, can you tell us about those findings?
  6. So the million-dollar question, what is the role of nutrition in managing our mood, depression and potential PND?
  7. What are your top 3 foods that you would recommend?
  8. Are there foods we need to pay attention to for postnatal depression?
  9. If a Mum had postnatal depression with her first, is there anything she can do to reduce it?
  10. How did you become a dietitian with a special interest in pregnancy and postnatal health?

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