We can’t stop the summer heat but what we can do is keep our children cool during this time. Most of us don’t have air conditioners at home so we have to rely on other means for our children to be cool and comfortable this summer.

Maybe if we can afford it we can spend a day or two at a resort park and let the children enjoy swimming and running around on the cool wet ground and play, but how about the other days? Days when we are just at home, hanging around, watching tv or maybe just being indoors.

How can we make our surroundings a little cooler for us and for the children?

Here are 10 easy ways to keep children cool this summer.

  1. Dress them Appropriately.

We all need to dress appropriately for this summer season. Make sure the children clothes made out of cotton. This will help them feel more comfortable moving around doing their activities. It also helps if the dress is a little bit loose for them, to keep the air moving in and out of their bodies.

  1. Keep it Breezy

In the evening when the temperature drops open up all your windows at home and let the air flowing. This helps the house a bit cooler than just trapping all the hot air inside.

  1. Give a Refreshing Bath

Give the children a refreshing bath to let out that heat out from their body. It will also keep them clean and away from the bacteria of perspiration.

  1. Use a Room Temperature

Buy a room temperature and you can be able to know what’s the temperature in the house. This helps you know if you need to add more measures to make the house cooler for everyone.

  1. Ventilate

Position your fan facing the window for the hot air move out from the room. Or else you can place a bowl or bucket of ice in front of the fan for you to feel cooler.

  1. Keep it Cotton

Not only for our clothes, we can also use our cotton sheets for our bedding for a more relaxing sleep. Remove those expensive satin sheets for this summer and pull out everything you have cotton made.

  1. Cold Comfort

If you have a hot water bottle, you can also use this as a cold water bottle. Fill it up with cold water and you can also keep it in the fridge for some time and use it if the children need more help with the rising temperature.

  1. Keep them Hydrated

This is very much important as summer heat dehydrates our body. Children most especially need to be kept hydrated whether with water or any food or drink that will replenish their body. You can just keep water in the fridge for them to have a ready cold drink whenever they need one.

  1. Get Low

If it’s possible better stay as low on the ground possible as hot air rises on top. So if the children decide to play some board games or any activity let them just sit on the floor.

10.  Hang Out

One other way to keep in cool is to hang a wet sheet in front of an open window. It will help cool down that hot air breeze coming in the house.




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