People often dream of having twins that share everything!  But the one thing you don’t want them to share is germs.   How can you stop them from doing this – particularly when they are prone to taking each other’s dummies!

Unfortunately, if one of your twins or multiples is already starting getting sick, then it may be too late to stop the spread to the other baby/babies.

However, here are 5 tips to stop twins and multiples sharing germs.


  1. Handwashing is paramount

Not just your hands after nappy changes, but before and after feeding, dressing or even just playing with your babies on a mat. Most viruses spread from hand-to-mouth contact.  If you have older children, then you really need to double check they have washed their hands properly (get them to sing the alphabet song TWICE while they wash).


  1. Don’t share dummies or feeding/drinking implements

As a twin mum myself I know that it just isn’t practical to use a separate spoon or water bottle for each baby, however when they are sick it is really important to so.  Sharing things like spoons between babies will significantly increase the likelihood of sharing the germs.  Maybe try colour coding cups and plates while they are sick.

Normally “share plates” are fabulous for morning and afternoon tea; however, this is not the time to use them.  Serve each child in a separate bowl.


  1. Clean the toys

If your multiples start getting sick it might be worth putting the ‘harder to clean’ toys away for a while.  Remember, soft toys can be washed in the washing machine (add a hygienic laundry rinse) and dishwashers these days often have a sterilisation setting which is great for plastic toys.

Remember to make sure you sanitise things like door handles, fridge handle taps I-pads, phones and TV remotes.  Hopefully, by doing this you will prevent, or at least minimise, the spread of germs.


  1. Keep them separate as much as possible

Mobile babies are harder to separate than non-mobile babies; however desperate times may call for desperate measures.  Now is the time to make use of that playpen of door gate.

If your twins or multiples share a room, then consider separating them.  Maybe use the spare room, or put the well one in your room for a few nights.  Not only will this help prevent the spread of germs, but it may mean you might get the bonus of a bit more sleep.

I know you want to comfort them, but try to avoid giving kisses while they are sick. Saliva and mucus (both of which multiply significantly during colds and so forth) are prime carriers of germs.


  1. Look after YOU

Remember, if you are sick you can’t look after your babies. It is hard when your babies are sick, but it’s very important that you eat well, drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up if they do pass their germs to each other.  In all reality, even with taking precautions, it may eventually happen.

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