How to Clean a Fish Tank

Cleaning your fish tank consists of a few different steps. Firstly, the physical aspect of cleaning any algae or other growth on the glass or ornaments, which is done by using an ordinary sponge. The other part is considered cleaning… Continue Reading >

4 Essential Tips for New Parents in Choosing a Baby Bag

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Freaky Clean Parent, Fussy Eater Child | Marie-France Laval | Ep 195

  Picture this scenario with me for a moment if you will. Your toddler, sat in their highchair, feeding themselves surrounded by food mess. Their meal is equal parts on the table in front of them, on their clothes, face,… Continue Reading >

How to safely clean and sanitise your baby’s toys

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How healthy is your child’s mattress?

By Laundry Expert Nicole Gibson from Soka Australia   Let’s face it, we regularly wash our kids’ pyjamas and most nights they have a bath, however, how often do we clean their mattress? Children under the age of five spend… Continue Reading >

Freaky clean parent, fussy eater child?

“I did not like mess so I stopped him from feeding himself, is this a problem, is this why he is such a fussy eater, asked Rebecca? Take a deep breath. It is unlikely that this is turning your child… Continue Reading >

7 Top Tips for a Healthy Home

Have you ever had health issues, been to your health professional and they say that there’s nothing wrong? Or that your kids are often sick, but again, that is ‘normal’? Have you ever considered that the health of your home… Continue Reading >

Bathtime Fizzies

Something fun and exciting to do with your child on the weekend. I have specially developed a natural clean recipe and lesson plan. Allowing you and your child to roll up your sleeves and get creative. You will learn how to make child friendly bath… Continue Reading >

5 ways to stop twins and multiples sharing germs

People often dream of having twins that share everything!  But the one thing you don’t want them to share is germs.   How can you stop them from doing this – particularly when they are prone to taking each other’s dummies!… Continue Reading >

Teething, the things you need to know

Teething, it’s like nature’s way of saying “you look like you need a challenge.” Common signs and symptoms of teething Excessive drooling Red cheeks Irritable Resisting food and wanting extra milk Pulling on ears Chewing on hands and anything else… Continue Reading >