Are you pregnant and starting to freak out about the thought of having more than one baby in your belly? Or excited about the thought of potentially having more than one baby in your belly? It is definitely a time to be full of a lot of different emotions. So what are your chances of falling pregnant with multiples? There are many factors that can play a part in whether you conceive multiples and the chances of it happening.


Family History

If you have a family history of twins in your family then your chances are higher to fall pregnant with them. The genetics run through the mother’s side of the family, so if twins are popular on the mothers side of the family then you definitely have a chance of falling pregnant with multiples.



It is said that women that fall pregnant later on in life have a higher chance of falling pregnant with multiples. Once a women reaches 30 her chances increase and continue to increase as she moves closer to menopause due to an increase in hormones before menopause hits.



Studies have shown that women of African-American decent are more likely to conceive multiples over Caucasian women. Women of Asian decent are the least likely to fall pregnant with multiples. Having African-American in your family line will increase your chances and it can be from generations back.


Weight and Height

Studies also show that women that are taller are more likely to conceive multiples. Also women who are on the higher end of the healthy weight scale are more likely to fall pregnant with multiples.


Big Families

Women who have gone through a larger number of pregnancies are more likely to have a pregnancy resulting in multiple babies. The more pregnancies and babies that you have can increase your chances due to the hormone changes that your body has gone through.



Eating foods such as yams and sweet potatoes can increase a womens chances of falling pregnant with multiples, along with having a diet that is high in dairy intake. For the male having them eat oysters can increase their sperm production and strength due to the zinc in the oysters.


Fertility Drugs

Sadly there are a large number of women who have trouble falling pregnant on their own. The use of fertility drugs can greatly increase your chances of falling pregnant with multiples. The drugs increase your hormone levels and this can assist with the fertilisation of multiple eggs. For those that are going through invitro treatment it is common for more than one egg to be implanted at a time. This increases the chances of multiples as  multiple eggs are fertilised at once.


Having identical twins is less likely in most cases and when an identical twin pregnancy occurs it is normally in a mother who has a family history of multiples in birth.


Each of these reasons why a multiple birth may occur are not a solid reason to assume that you will have twins. If you have more than one of the above factors in your favour your chances do increase but it does not make it a done deal – there is no guarantee that you will fall pregnant with multiples.


If you are lucky enough to fall pregnant with multiples – YAY

It is an amazing experience that you will never forget.


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