Kiddipedia Sleep Support

Kiddipedia Sleep Support

While awaiting the due date of your baby, you’re bound to find yourself flipping between swings of anxiety and excitement. Looking up feeding and nursing chairs and cute baby clothes will grow to be a guilty pleasure of yours as every week of your pregnancy passes by. Even though you might be tempted to build a nursery from the day you get to know of your pregnancy itself, following through with a well-planned schedule can help you get the ideal nursery for your baby as you get to know of the baby’s gender as well.

Most couples speak of the second trimester as the ideal time for going forward with the nursery’s design. Not only do your motherly begin kicking in during this time, but it is also the time during which your fetus’s organ development takes place. This allows you to get a headstart with the help of the baby’s gender, allowing you to customise the room to be a baby boy or a baby girl’s room. However, you can choose to take the new route of minimalism and input items unto the place that would be fit for both genders. You could decide to whitewash the room with soft pastels to make it a room of comfort and luxury. The colour white is generally even recommended for a baby’s nursery since it is a calming colour and can help the baby get a good sleep.

It’s better to get the room’s painting done first since there should be no remnants of the paint’s smell when the baby comes since it could lead to breathing problems for the baby. Finishing off the painting well in advance, you can begin picking out the furniture and the accessories you need for your baby and their nursery by the beginning of the sixth month. The process of designing the nursery is an intricate process that requires an adequate amount of planning. While shopping for the furniture, you’re planning to place in your baby’s room, it’s recommended to carry a tape measure with you to make sure the items you’re buying are going to fit into the space you plan to place them in.

The steps you need to follow include:

  • Choose the theme of the room as soon as you hit the 18-week mark. Since you can get to know which gender your baby is by the 18th week, you can form a general idea of the items you need by this time in your pregnancy.
  • By the 20th week, you can invest in the furniture you need for your baby. This includes your baby’s cot, dresser, drawers, and any other nursery decor ideas that you might want to invest in. At Design Kids in Australia, you can find all sorts of modern furniture for your baby. With designs that you’ve never seen before, your baby will be able to feel the comfort and love you hold for them with the help of your purchases.
  • Placing the furniture and storage items will take up quite a bit of your time, and by the 30th week, the only activity that should be remaining in the process of beautification. From adding small accessories and toys in the room to buying all the nappies and clothes you’re going to need for your newborn baby, after this step, you’re finally done.

Once you’re done with the room, all you need to do is wait. After all the time and hard work you ended up investing in the setup of your nursery, once you hold your baby in your arms, you’ll realise it’s all very much worth it.


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