There are so many benefits to being a parent, however, what comes with them is also the responsibility of keeping your baby safe. This requires constant awareness because sometimes the danger could lurk in the most unusual place.

That’s the case with cleaning products. Whether they are offered in liquid, spray or some other form, all of them serve one purpose only – to eliminate bacteria to the fullest. This requires the inclusion of powerful ingredients in their composition like ammonia, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, etc. Although such cleaning products are broadly advertised as completely safe, there is always a risk, especially for babies. For one thing, the little ones are way more sensitive than an average human and developing conditions like rhinitis or other allergic condition is actually pretty common. So, how to prevent this from happening and protect ourselves and our loved ones?


Replace all chemical products

This is something to consider even if you are not a parent, yet. While store-bought cleaning products save time and efforts, they can often do more harm than good. The alternative is to start making blends and solutions yourself with ingredients that are known to be safer. You can still stay on top of things by relying on one universal cleaning product for all your needs. Here are two simple recipes you can test:



All-purpose spray cleaner

The most commonly known recipe includes the following ingredients: castile soap (liquid form), water (tap or distilled), white vinegar and an essential oil of your preference. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment by removing or adding things you find useful. Essential oils can have an impact not just on the bacteria in the house, but also on our moods. So, feel free to pick the one that reflects your needs best. Just remember that:


  • Lavender helps reduce stress;
  • Tea tree makes you concentrate easier;
  • Orange or lemon can boost your mood;
  • Rose can help with anxiety issues;
  • Peppermint can make you feel energised;
  • Eucalyptus is invigorating and purifying.

Tip: Keep the tap on your all-purpose cleaner constantly and use a glass bottle instead of plastic one for preserving the ingredients’ powers for longer. Even though this is an all-purpose cleaner, it may not be entirely suitable for more specific surfaces, like granite, due to the vinegar in it. Fear not, though, because there is another alternative.


Reusable cleaning wipes

Exclude the vinegar from the previous recipe, substitute it with more essential oils and get equally big cotton rags. You already have the perfect recipe for a safe homemade disinfectant! Now all that’s left to consider is the nature of the oils and how to combine them best. For instance, lemon, orange and grapefruit all have a citrus smell, so they can be easily mixed together.


When you are done picking ingredients, take a big jar (a mason jar will do the trick) and start mixing it all in. First go the rags, then the water, followed by 1-2 spoons of castile soap and the essential oils. Stir well and you are good to go.


Reorganise the cabinets

Since you are already embracing a cleaning method that is both beneficial for the environment and for your baby, some reorganising may be in order. This way you can collect all toxic and dangerous products you’ve been storing in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and make room for your new green cleaning kit.

Living with pets and kids requires good reflexes since you never know when an accident could happen. Therefore, finding the most convenient spot for your cleaning supplies can save you time and unnecessary stress. Now every time you spill something or you need to take care of a more serious cleaning situation, you will be prepared.


A little planning goes a long way

Having a baby in the house means that cleaning is becoming way more complicated. It’s not anymore a matter of just how but also when. Squeezing a quick vacuuming or dusting in your busy schedule seems like the only possible option to get something done. This, however, causes additional stress, and who needs that.

The key to solving this problem lies in the proper organisation. This seems obvious but a lot of people underestimate its importance. The common mistake is also the usage of a system that seems convenient but is not really practical in specific conditions. For starters, be realistic about the time you can actually spare and your abilities. Don’t rush into getting it all done immediately because that’s usually impossible, instead just make a schedule. Divide your tasks carefully and take the time to complete them properly.



Be creative

Taking care of another human being is a big responsibility that requires sacrifices. Your home’s presentable look shouldn’t be one of them, as this may cost you more than just an occasional embarrassment. Keeping the place clean is important for your baby’s health but for your own well-being, as well. So, instead of feeling bad about the mess in the house, how about you look for creative ways to solve the issue? Like, for example, caring your baby constantly with you with the help of a ring sling. Find the methods you feel comfortable with and implement them in your daily routines.

Now you can make sure that your home is a safer and more comfortable place for your family. However, there is always room for improvement. Find new ideas and methods that work and include them in your daily schedule for becoming more productive.


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