Being a parent of a new baby can quickly sap your strength and keep you wandering aimlessly in a land of not-enough-sleep.

No matter how calmly you try parenting will eventually produce bizarre behaviour

If you’re a Mum here’s 10 things I’m sure you can relate to: part 2…

11. You know you’re a Mum when you finally cut a break to wash your hair and you find broccoli in it.

12. You know you’re a Mum when you sit down to a cup of tea with a friend to enjoy some of your freshly made biscuits and you discover you chilled them in the fridge, dipped them in chocolate, but forgot the very important step of baking them!

13. You Know you’re a Mum when accidentally puree your husbands veggies to have with his steak!

14. You Know you’re a Mum when you wake in the morning and your newborn is wearing two nappies, the dirty one from the middle of the night and a clean one right on top of it! This what strong pain killers from a c-section did!

15. You know you’re a Mum when you pick up randomness food crumbs and put them in your mouth… without knowing what they are”

16. You know you’re a mum when you have a ‘wine allowance’ in your weekly shopping budget”.

17. You know you’re a Mum when, you go to put a tray of sweet potato in to bake only to find a tray cooked sweet potato already in the oven from when you can’t remember when.

18.You know you’re a Mum when grape water replaces tonic water on your shopping list.

19. You Know you’re a Mum when you make two minute noodle soup and pour the soup down the sink when “draining” the noddles in a strainer…

and for Mums with a toddler..

20. You Know you’re a Mum when you have to set a space at the dinner table for their “imaginary” friend.

Now that these have hopefully made you chuckle once or twice, or merely just smile, you’ve taken the first step in banishing the new parent grumps.

We’d love for you to tell us your funny stories,  of when “you knew you were a Mum when’…

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