Did you know that it is estimated that 75 per cent of jobs are within industries requiring skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)? We are seeing a strong national demand for STEM skills as Australian businesses are looking to hire people with engineering and IT skills

Engineering roles in particular play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the Australian economy. As our society becomes increasingly dependent on technology, it has become evident that STEM careers are the future. STEM skills are now driving the jobs market.

To develop the next generation of innovators we are tasked with finding new and exciting ways for our children to develop interests and critical thinking abilities through play.

With our outdated school curriculum we as parents, grandparents and careers have the capacity and potential to influence our children’s future by developing their interest with interactive educational toys at home.

How wonderful would it be to connect with your children without the use of technology and help foster an interest and passion that could help them obtain a job of the future.

Well, we have found a product that can do just that.

Wooden.City is a new European brand for those with a passion for engineering and modelling. Driven by creativity and to develop curious, inventive children they are one of only few companies in the world that manufactures 3D kinetic wooden puzzles with geared engines for self-assembly.

Perfect for children to have a fun, hands-on introduction to engineering, their 3D kinetic wooden models and puzzles for self-assembly provides an opportunity for the whole family to create a real working kinetic mechanism implementing the laws of physics and mechanics. Moreover, the models are stylish, eco-friendly and long-lasting.

One of Wooden.City’s 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit’s help develop the ability to follow instructions, and mindset to not be intimidated by a challenge. Even better, each kit has a no-glue assembly method and contains natural and safe materials.


Benefits for children:

Wooden.City’s goal is to provide the inspiration and direction for future engineering stars of the future.

Programs and hobbies outside of school can help children to see that STEM are more than subjects for a school classroom. Having activities that show real-life implication of STEM can pull together the ideas presented in school and help to show how they benefit our society and even our world as a whole.

Children can see that what they are learning now is pertinent to their future and the future of the whole world, creating an interest often lacking when learning new concepts that do not seem to carry real-world application.

Products like Wooden.City are a great way to inspire girls to become interested in engineering whilst having of fun at the same time. STEM toys for girls are so important, as women are massively underrepresented. Only one in four IT graduates and fewer than one in 10 engineering graduates are women. Further, women occupy fewer than one in five senior researcher positions in Australian universities and research institutes, and around one quarter of the STEM workforce overall.


Benefit for parents.

As parents we are our children’s first and longest standing teacher.

The experience of composing a Wooden.City model together with your children provides a tonne of opportunities to teach your children lifelong lessons, including patience, discipline, attention to detail and overcoming challenges. The touch and smell of the natural material add so much to the overall positive experience with this brand. And all this in one set!

If you are parent with a passion for engineering, Wooden.City provides it’s own advantages.

Studies have shown that adults with STEM skills are more flexible, creative and will be able to take advantage of a changing workplace and even adaptability to new jobs. In order to ensure Australia has a workforce that has the appropriate skills to meet future jobs and contribute to economic growth, it’s critical to inspire adults to continue the development of their STEM skills.


Benefits for Grandparents

In a technology driven world connecting with your grandchildren can sometimes be challenging.

We know how hard it is to find an appropriate and meaningful present for teenagers and young men! Yet, we can guarantee that any of Wooden.City models can satisfy even most demanding customers and be a great gift for those who are interested in DIY projects, modelling, engineering and puzzles.

Many grandparents love to be challenged by puzzles and even brain teasers, a 3D kinetic wooden models provide several levels of difficulty to keep you on your toes and continually keep your mind stimulated.

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