Children Aren’t Limited By Their Hearing Loss: Mum’s Message for Australian Families this Hearing Awareness Week

Imagine hearing the words, “I’m sorry, your baby didn’t pass the hearing screening test.” Despite Australia’s stake as a global leader in innovation that promotes and supports people living with hearing loss, including universal newborn hearing screening and specialist early… Continue Reading >

The Secrets of Success Won’t Be Taught in School This Year, But You Can Teach Them to Your Kids!

As a parent, we all want the best for our children. We want them to be healthy. We want them to be happy. We want them to be successful. So as the school holidays come to an end, we get… Continue Reading >

How education can help your child live their best life.

Education is a funny thing. Immediately when people hear the word the first thing they  think of school. For some this can trigger bad memories of failed exams and teachers who yelled in class. For others its about playground antics… Continue Reading >

Artificial Intelligence and Coding, an important skill for the future

By Dmitry Maslov AI and automation have been able to do the bulk of the work, they do not offer the level of human skill that humans can provide. A person that can write code and work with data will… Continue Reading >

Children Experiencing Serious Impacts During Pandemic

A new report analysing the issues children and young people raised in counselling sessions during COVID-­19 shows they have experienced serious impacts on their mental health, social connections and education. The report, which examines data from 2,567 counselling sessions with… Continue Reading >

Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson- Teaching Personal Safety In The Early Years | Georgia Grayson | Ep 96

  Talking to children about body privacy, body safety & physical abuse is definitely the most confronting, uncomfortable subject for parents & carers to discuss. Naturally it’s uncomfortable for children also. It’s our role as parents, grandparents, carers to educate… Continue Reading >

Learning to Take More, Makes Giving Less Draining on Mum

Women do an amazing job of juggling family, work, relationships and all the obligations that accompany these roles. The current climate is putting more pressure on women with the increased requirement to support their children’s education, increased cleaning requirements and… Continue Reading >

Home Schooling Tips 

Tricks to not only help parents and carers keep their sanity, but find the unique benefits of homeschooling By Kate McMahon, Student Tutors As parents and carers around the world grapple to juggle their new roles as teacher, canteen supervisor,… Continue Reading >

Why is STEM Education so important for children?

Did you know that it is estimated that 75 per cent of jobs are within industries requiring skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)? We are seeing a strong national demand for STEM skills as Australian businesses are looking to hire… Continue Reading >

Tips for Parents with children at home – Alternative Education Provisions

Have a holiday over Easter!!!! If we are in Alternate Education Provisions after Easter, then take small steps Set up routines for children and families to guide the learning opportunities at home Display the routine – visual images OR written… Continue Reading >