What is Play?

Play provides a rich and dynamic context for fostering the skills, attitudes, and behaviours that are essential for development. There are three fundamental pillars that we need to bring back to parenting approaches to significantly improve a child’s life. The… Continue Reading >

Lunch Boxes for Fussy Eaters, why bother!

Does it matter if they do not eat what is in their lunch box? Is variety really that important? Let’s face it, preparing school lunch for your fussy eater is not one of the joys of parenting. In fact, the… Continue Reading >

How and Why to Choose Toys that Foster Child Development

Value of developmental toys 90% of the brain is developed by age 5, which begs the question: what can I do with my baby to make the most of this important time? We know from research that there are predictable… Continue Reading >

Choosing The Right Childcare

Choosing a childcare centre can be a stressful and emotionally charged process. Making your final decision is momentous and then handing your precious bundle into the care of virtual strangers takes strength and courage. That said, doing careful due diligence… Continue Reading >

How to be a Mindful Mum

Becoming a parent was one of the most exciting and challenging roles I had ever accepted. The job ad read a little something like this: “Are you in your 30s, in a serious relationship, already have a dog and looking… Continue Reading >

How education can help your child live their best life.

Education is a funny thing. Immediately when people hear the word the first thing they  think of school. For some this can trigger bad memories of failed exams and teachers who yelled in class. For others its about playground antics… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Managing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when a child has excessive reactions to separation from caregivers – whether real or imagined. It’s pretty common, affecting somewhere between 4 to 5 percent of kids. That’s 1 child out of every 20 to 25 kids…. Continue Reading >

Unlocking a World of Learning: The LeapPad Academy Educational Tablet

In an era where technology continues to reshape the way we live, learn, and grow, it’s no surprise that our children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy from a young age. As parents, we are responsible for nurturing their educational journey in… Continue Reading >

Five Things You Can Do to Help Your Kids Develop a Love of Reading

You can’t start too early in developing your child’s literacy skills. From babyhood, sharing picture books introduces your child to the conventions of reading.  After they drum on the book with a spoon or drop it on the floor in… Continue Reading >

Why socialisation is important for children.

I live in Melbourne, the city with the longest covid related  lock down in the world. In 2019 if you had told me socialising was going to be an illegal activity because of a global pandemic, I would not have… Continue Reading >