As we all know, 1st of January is all about new beginnings, a time to start something new, change something for the better or stop something not beneficial to yourself. We often make use the start of the year the time to commit to change. In turn, we decide for a list of New Year’s resolutions that we want to achieve and commit to.

We all have been there, having a list of resolutions and after just a few months or maybe weeks, slowly accepting defeat and just say to yourself that you have the next year to make promises again.

There are reasons why we give up into our resolutions; one of them is not having realistic ones to start with. Another one is that we don’t give enough time to begin to commit to it. Also not having to realize the importance of the resolution rather than just hoping for quick results.

We have here ways on how to make realistic resolutions and keeping them.

  1. Think about last year

We have to think about the last year and look back on the things that happened. Things that we need to change for the better and the things that we need to continue doing well. Resolutions are just not things that we need to change or stop, they can be things that we did well but need to do better this coming year.

  1. Start Small

Our resolution need not be that instantly great but start with a small one that you think is achievable. Instead of making a resolution that you need to lose 50 pounds in 6 months, why not start with 10 pounds in 3 months. This will depend on how much of physical activity you will be doing and calorie intake every day.

  1. Write It Down

Some people are more inspired by achieving their goals if they see it written down on a piece of paper. Maybe you can write it on a piece of cardboard, decorate it with a few colored pens and stick it on your mirror so that you can see it every morning while getting ready for work. You will be inspired to achieve your goal if you see it every day.

  1. Talk About It

It’s always helpful to talk about your goals to others. If others know about it, they can help you be reminded and time to time inquire about your achievement. They will be your judge on how well you are doing on your resolution.

  1. Baby Steps

It means starting things slowly. If your resolution is to start eating healthy then you can begin with slowly avoiding fatty and sugary foods then introduce more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

  1. Ask for Support from Friends

Because you talk about your resolution to your friends, you can also ask support from them. They might have the same resolution as yours and you can do it together. Or they may have already accomplished the same resolution you are trying to achieve thus, they have the experience that they can share with you.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up

It’s important to keep in mind that you have a goal to keep up but don’t pressure yourself too much. Start doing things one at a time. Make small changes every day to complete your goal achievement.

  1. Identify Time Wasters

Avoid things that are unnecessary for you to achieve your goal. If your goal is to get as much exercise possible every day, then avoid being on your smartphone for unimportant reasons or being on the couch watching the telly as this will not make your day productive.

  1. Give credit to small achievements

Even if it’s just a small achievement, give credit to yourself and know that you have done a good job. It means that you are on the right track and is slowly getting you there to your greatest accomplishment. It does feel good that results are being seen.

  1. Sometimes a year is not enough

There would be times that one whole year is not enough to achieve your goal. But if you have seen results within the year then still be happy that you have accomplished something instead of giving up and doing nothing.

We all want a few things changed or improved within ourselves and we usually start it by the New Year. But not all that we planned are being done and completed. So start with something achievable and commit to it by having the heart to succeed. If we put our heart and mind into something then I’m sure we will results, even small ones. So this New Year, be realistic with your resolutions and remember what you want to achieve so that you can commit yourself to them.