As an expecting parent to twins, you are probably overwhelmed with all the options for the different baby items out there and which ones to choose. Cloth nappies verse disposable nappies have been a hot topic lately and you may be overwhelmed by the process and whether you will be able to handle it with two babies.

Cloth nappies are great for a number of reasons including the reduction of the number of nappies going into landfill, they are more cost effective in the long run and they are gentler on bub’s skin.

Using disposable nappies can cost thousands of dollars each year that your little ones are in nappies. This adds up very quickly and you may not notice how much you are spending until you stop and do the calculations. The initial outlay in purchasing cloth nappies can set up back a couple of hundred dollars, however, once they are purchased there are minimal costs moving forward.

So how do you successfully cloth nappy with twins?


Use a bin instead of a bucket

Many cloth nappy users will have a nappy bucket set up in the bathroom or near the change table to put the soiled nappies in once they are taken off. With twins, you will be going through twice as many nappies (or more if you are blessed with triplets) so to avoid having to empty the bucket too regularly grab yourself a kitchen bin – one of the 25-30L ones and use that. This means that you should be able to make it a day or two before having to empty it.



Using liners in your nappies will save you a lot of time and stress. Using a liner means that the liner will catch all the sloid yucky bits. This can either be flicked off into the toilet if you are using reusable ones or thrown straight in the bin if you are using disposable ones. This reduces the need to have to scrub or pre-soak the nappies.


Set up nappies

Many nappy brands have their nappies in two pieces – the outer shell and the inserts. Of an evening when you have some time sit down and put together your cloth nappies so that the inserts are in the nappies ready to go. This saves time and hassle at each change session and you do not have to be trying to do it with a wriggly baby on the change table. Plus it’s a good chance to catch up on Netflix!


Wash regularly

As a parent of multiples, you are probably doing at least one load of normal washing every day. Try to wash your nappies every second day to avoid a build up and becoming stressed. The extra load of washing will barely be noticed and it will become simply part of your daily routine.


Wash at night

Once you have changed the last nappy before bedtime, throw the cloth nappies in for their wash overnight. This helps to keep your washing machine free during the day for your normal laundry and it makes you look productive as things are continuing to run whilst you sleep!


Cloth nappies with twins or more are definitely do-able and not as stressful and confronting as people may think.

The benefits are amazing and knowing you are helping the environment whilst saving money is just awesome! Disposable nappies can take upwards of 200 years to decompose in Australian landfill, which is a scary thought especially when you take into account with twins in nappies for 3 years you are looking at using over 10,000 nappies. The cost of buying over 10,000 nappies is also a scary thought. Even if you are using a cheaper brand of disposable nappy that cost still adds up and adds up BIG time.


If you are already using cloth nappies, what are your tips and tricks for making it a successful transition?


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