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As a child of the 80s and 90s, I remember spending most of my free time outdoors, playing with my friends and exploring the world around me. We rode bikes, climbed trees, played sports, and had all sorts of adventures that kept us active and engaged. But today, more and more children are spending their free time indoors, sitting in front of screens and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Research has shown that sedentary behaviour is linked to various health problems; for this reason, it’s more important than ever for children to get outside and be active.

You can’t go past a Trampoline when looking for the perfect gift to give your child this Christmas. Trampolines offer a fun and exciting way for children to stay active and engaged while enjoying the great outdoors. Not only are you giving children a fun and exciting opportunity to play outside, but you are giving them the gift of health.

To help us understand what makes trampolines the perfect gift for children, we consulted the experts at Kahuna. Kahuna is a leading industry expert providing Australian families with fun, safe, high-quality trampolines.

Here are their Top 5 reasons why you should give the gift of a trampoline this Christmas:

1– Promotes physical activity

Trampolining is a fun way for children to stay active. From a physical standpoint, jumping on a trampoline helps children develop their balance, coordination, and agility, which are essential for healthy development while also strengthening muscles and motor skills and improving cardiovascular health. Trampolines are also a great way to keep children moving and active, helping them burn off excess energy and stay fit. It’s a low-impact activity that is easy on joints, making it an excellent choice for children of all ages.

2– Encourages outdoor play promoting better mental health

In addition to the physical benefits, bouncing on a trampoline boosts mood and feel-good hormones. When children jump on a trampoline, their bodies release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that promote happiness and well-being. This release of endorphins can help to boost a child’s mood, reduce stress levels, and increase feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Jumping on a trampoline can provide significant mental health benefits for children. Spending time outside in nature has been shown to improve mental health, reduce stress, and increase overall happiness. Trampolining is a fun and engaging outdoor activity that children enjoy, providing an opportunity to engage in physical activity while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

3- Fuels their Imagination

When they jump on a trampoline, it’s not just about getting exercise and having fun. It’s about wild adventures, exploring new worlds, and becoming superheroes!

Their minds wander as they jump and bounce, and their creativity kicks into high gear. They might imagine themselves as a circus performer, a daredevil stunt performer, or even an astronaut exploring outer space. The possibilities are endless!

So, if you want to help your kids tap into their imaginations and have some bouncing good fun, a trampoline is the way to go. Let them soar through the air and explore new worlds, all while getting some exercise and having a blast!

4- Helps build balance and coordination

Jumping on a trampoline is not just about having fun; it’s also an excellent way for children to build balance and coordination. Trampolining requires a great deal of control and precision, and as kids work on their jumps and flips, they’re also improving their balance and coordination skills.

In fact, studies have shown that trampolining can improve a child’s balance, coordination, and agility, making them more confident in their movements and reducing their risk of injury. When jumping on a trampoline, children are constantly adjusting their bodies to maintain their balance, which helps to strengthen their muscles and improve their coordination.

Additionally, jumping on a trampoline helps improve the child’s overall body awareness, an essential component of balance and coordination. By developing these skills through trampolining, children are better equipped to navigate the physical world around them, whether playing sports, climbing, or just running outside.

5- Provides a low-impact workout

Trampolines offer a gentle, low-impact workout on joints, making them an excellent choice for children of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to stay active without putting excessive stress on their bodies. The trampoline’s mat and springs absorb most of the shock, reducing the impact on joints and making it an excellent exercise for kids of all ages and abilities. So, if you want your kids to get moving and stay active without worrying about sore joints or injuries, a trampoline is the way to go!

Kahuna has the Traditional Trampoline You’ve Been Looking For!

Kahuna’s sole purpose is to aid parents in their search for quality playground equipment for their children to use in the great outdoors. They stock more trampolines than anyone else in Australia, and their proprietary 3D Designer app allows for even more configurations than that! You can find the perfect trampoline for your backyard among their traditional, springless, fuchsia, and jumbo trampolines.

Create Your Own 3D Traditional Trampoline.

Kahuna’s Classic Trampoline 3D Designer is the first of its kind, allowing you to design your ideal trampoline for your backyard. Jump on an emoji or rainbow-themed mat for some added fun, or get your kid all-star an LED basketball set to show off his skills. Protect your children from the sun by installing a roof over the trampoline.

  • Jumping mat manufactured to ZENTM USA specifications

For the highest quality trampoline jumping, try the Kahuna Classic Trampoline with its original ZENTM jumping mat. It has eight rows of sewing and is resistant to UV rays, making it suitable for Australian backyards. 100% American-made with no compromise on quality.

  • Protection net made of fine mesh.

Your trampoline’s safety should never be compromised for the sake of entertainment. All your belongings are securely contained within their fine mesh safety net, with zips and clips shut for convenience and peace of mind. As a result of its curved shape, it stays away from the poles and can’t possibly collide with them.

  • Sunlight-proof padding

Their Classic trampoline cushioning is thick, long-lasting, and protected from the sun’s rays in all five of their eye-catching hues. It will keep jumpers secure while giving your garden or yard a unique look and feel.

  • An all-steel, powder-coated frame

The powder coating on the heavy-duty steel frames of Kahuna Classic trampolines prevents corrosion and rust. It’s incredibly sturdy and supportive while also requiring little upkeep.

  • Springs are made of high-carbon steel.

Improve your vertical leap with the help of high-carbon steel springs in the system’s resilient rebound mechanism. These springs have incredible power and recoil, making them fun to play with for years.


The Kahuna Classic Trampoline is designed with a convenient ladder and shoe storage area for your convenience.

Appraised by a Large Number of Australian Families

Their Classic Trampoline is a hit among Australian families thanks to its sturdy safety net and colourful cushioning. These trampolines are built to withstand years of vigorous play and harsh weather conditions without showing any wear and tear. The trampolines we carry range from 4.5 feet to 16 feet, so we’re sure to have one that will meet your specific requirements.

  • Round, Rectangular, or Oval?

The company’s Classic Trampoline has three distinct silhouettes: circular, square, and oval. Need more time to make a purchase? Visit their Trampoline Buying Guide to learn more about the different types of trampolines and which one would work best for your home.


You can find the best Christmas presents at Kahuna.

Giving one is almost as satisfying as receiving a gift; all it takes is a little imagination. In that case, why delay any longer? Buy your kids a trampoline from Kahuna; they’ll love it.