Think back to your childhood and what it felt like to jump on a trampoline.

Having to be careful of the exposed springs (which always seemed a little scary) as you crawled up onto an unstable rusted frame, with faded mat. 

I remember quite clearly on a hot summer’s day being double-bounced off a trampoline, flung high up into the air and spraining my ankle when I finally hit the ground. I was airborne for what seemed like forever.

Back then jumping on a trampoline was not my favourite thing to do, only because I was scared and my instincts told me there was a high risk I was going to hurt myself and/or break a bone, which I horrifyingly enough saw a few other kids do.

(Note: some would say kids are oblivious to danger, or that they enjoy the element of danger).

Many parents would have similar fears and feelings no doubt, and why would you want this for your children now? Nostalgia is such a powerful sentiment; we want to share our childhood activities with our kids, but in a safe manner. All parents want safe play for their children.

Luckily for us the world has evolved since then and so too have trampolines.

Springfree Trampoline believes kids deserve safe backyard play. With care and concern they’ve created the world’s safest trampoline. It took Dr Keith Alexander 15 years of design and development to re-design the trampoline from the ground up, to create Springfree Trampoline – eliminating all the impact points which cased so many injuries.

Kiddipedia is a huge supporter of innovation. Excitingly, Springfree changed the definition of the trampoline, by removing all the pinch-points, impact points and hard surfaces from the jumping area.

Springfree’s design has no dangerous springs, no pinch-points, no hard frame or hard poles to jump into, and a flexible net which safely redirects kids back into the centre of the trampoline.

And in May 2016, they re-defined safe outdoor play again, introducing the world’s first Smart Trampoline, where your body controls fun and educational games on tablet.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Springfree Trampoline, so here’s a little bit of information on them – our Q&A with Springfree:

Q: Springfree’s mission is to provide safe backyard play to kids around the world, what is the key driver in ensuring you keep kids safe?

It all started with Springfree Trampoline inventor, Dr Keith Alexander, a father and mechanical engineer. Keith wanted to create a safe trampoline for his kids. He

re-designed the traditional trampoline from the ground up, removing all the impact points that cause 90% of all product-related trampoline injuries.

Keith’s dedication and our belief that kids deserve safe backyard play fuels our commitment to education and our passion for safety, innovation and quality. We believe in advancing safety standards and exceeding them.

And over 20 years after the Springfree journey began, our mission remains the same; to change the definition of the trampoline.

Q: I have to ask for the kid in me, are the trampolines safe for parents to use as well as children?

Yes! At Springfree, we believe in getting the whole family outside and active. We believe you’re never too old to jump!

And our Smart Trampolines feature our world-first tgoma technology, which gets the whole family outside and active, and engages people of all ages, making it fun!

Sensors in the mat detect your every move, and your jumps control fun, educational and active games on your tablet.

There’s games designed for all ages, catering from young kids to adults! It helps keep bouncing fun and engaging for the whole family!

Q: tgoma is the world’s first Smart Trampoline, where did the idea come from and what is the best thing about it?

The idea of tgoma is born out of our vision to get more kids and families outside and active more often for longer. We know that many kids love jumping on our trampolines, but what the Smart Trampoline helps solve is the challenge many families face with kids sitting indoors on devices and in front of screens. The Smart Trampoline leverages the popularity of technology but shifts it outside and makes it active.

There’s educational games, that help kids practice their maths, patterns, words and alphabet, which is awesome, and there are new games being released all the time, so this will only grow.

Then there’s all the fun engaging games aimed at all ages, like Alien Stomp, Fruitants and Snake. Great for balance and coordination.

And a really cool feature for busy Mums and Dads is the tgomaFit app – with

real-time stats, goal-setting, guided exercises and workouts lead by a professional trampoline coach!

Q: You treat your customers like family with the highest of standards. You also provide extra value with articles and blogs, tell us a little bit about them?

We know that families are the heart of our business, and we conduct business with the highest standards of honesty and respect.

So we love sharing tips, tricks and information with our customers, and with Mums and Dads across Australia.

And we love to provide support to our customers, offering a variety of services; including storm preparation, moving house relocation, and yard assessment.

And we love the community of #Springfree owners that follow our Facebook page and Instagram feed, posting their photos, experiences and #Springfree love! 

Each month Springfree will provide informative blogs which can be accessed here 

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