5 Gross Motor Games to Play Indoors

Gross motor skills are important for your child’s overall development. These are skills that involve the movement and coordination of large muscles. These skills are important for your child’s daily activities like walking, standing, sitting upright, running and so on…. Continue Reading >

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At Plum® we want play to inspire thinking, creativity, imagination, understanding and most of all to be fun. Our philosophy is to create a world which is rich in every play possibility, where products are reassuringly safe, great quality and… Continue Reading >

Benefits Of Investing In An Afterpay Trampoline

An Afterpay trampoline is a good investment for children of all ages; in fact, it is also beneficial to invest in one for your adults. Children tend to enjoy jumping on a trampoline and can do so for hours besides… Continue Reading >

What makes a ‘safe’ trampoline safer?

Trampolines aren’t what they used to be. Thankfully, they’ve come a long way from the rusty old springs of our childhood. But with so many variations out there in the market – in both old and new designs – it… Continue Reading >

Exercise Motivation Tips for Busy Mums

Exercise Motivation Tips for Busy Mums Let’s face it. Sometimes motivation can be hard to find. While we all want to embrace a healthy, happy and active lifestyle, our busy day-to-day schedules can make it hard to find time for exercise (understatement… Continue Reading >

Trampoline buying guide: What do the Safety Standards mean?

We know you want your kids to be safe, in everything they do. So do we. Every parent does. Which is why it’s so great that play equipment has come a long way in terms of safety since we were… Continue Reading >

DIY Backyard Fun! 15 Fun Ideas to Entertain your Kids!

  It won’t be long until school’s out for the year. While of course this means hours of warm, fuzzy family quality time together, you also don’t want boredom to creep in for the kids (need we say more). But… Continue Reading >

How to Get Christmas Sorted Early, Stress-Free!

  Christmas is fast approaching! Known worldwide as the time for warm, fuzzy feelings and time spent together, it can also be extremely stressful in the lead-up to pull it all together!   If the thought of juggling a long… Continue Reading >

We have some exciting news!

Think back to your childhood and what it felt like to jump on a trampoline. Having to be careful of the exposed springs (which always seemed a little scary) as you crawled up onto an unstable rusted frame, with faded… Continue Reading >