Why is exercise important for kids?

Physical activity in children is important for a wide variety of reasons. It helps to reduce overweight and obesity increases strength in muscles and bones and can even improve concentration at school. Exercise is a vital component of any child’s… Continue Reading >

Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise

Type 1 diabetes  (T1D) is an autoimmune condition, which the immune system is activated to destroy the cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes the pancreas stops making insulin because the cells cannot make insulin because they… Continue Reading >

New Mums Get Back to Fitness

By: Jane Kilkenny Having a baby is one of the most exciting and exhausting times in your life. The birth of your baby can trigger the full range of human emotions, from absolute exhilaration and excitement to the deepest levels… Continue Reading >

Time to get the kids off screens and doing more Activities

It used to be a teenage problem: kids who were obsessed with screens. But since the pandemic started, we are hearing from parents that kids as young as 2 are begging for more and more screen time and having massive… Continue Reading >

5 Home Workouts to Try with Your Kids

With school holidays quickly approaching, it can sometimes be hard for parents to juggle their schedules and ensure they are making enough time for themselves to visit the gym or get in some fitness time. If you are struggling to… Continue Reading >

The benefits of Australia’s booming sport, gymnastics

By Laura Sereno, BK’s Gymnastics Program Manager   Gymnastics is currently booming across Australia with Sports Australia reporting it as the third most popular sport in the country. Meanwhile, BK’s Gymnastics , for example, an Australian network of specialty kids’ gymnastics centres, has seen… Continue Reading >

Screen Time for Babies and Young Children

Babies and toddlers love watching screens, couple that with the fact that there are screens everywhere now and the result is often too much screen time. Many parents are concerned about the amount of screen time their baby or toddler… Continue Reading >

Being Social When You Can’t Socialize

Keeping touch can be hard at the best of times. As adults our everyday lives get in the way, however for children its completely different. Children are used to being social at school and after school with playdates and other… Continue Reading >

GymbaROO-KindyROO Nurtures Brains – Parents in Partnership

Dr Tessa Grigg (PhD)   Parents do the very best they can with the information and resources that they have to raise healthy happy children. With increased education and information there is a higher chance that the outcomes can be… Continue Reading >

The importance of sports for children

By Portia Gunn, Youthrive Occupational Therapist   Did you know that children and young people should be getting at least one hour of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day? Sports has many benefits to a child’s development. By playing sports,… Continue Reading >